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Today I woke to an urgent email form my site co-ordinator, Chris Suckling!
It was entitled – “you gotta love technology“!

The email was to alert me to the fact that our new site was down!
I spent the next 2 hours frantically trying to work out what was wrong. Nothing I could see on the surface would explain all of the newly broken links!

What was going on?
Everything was fine when I went to bed!

I could see no problems – so I called the boss!
“Jason, have you been in the admin area or on the server?” He had not so I went into panic mode!
Jason tried to calm me down and then said “you gotta love technology” arrrggg! :(

I just wanted to fix it NOW!
I set off again, deactivating plugins left and right to see how they were affecting the site (you know what I mean if you use wordpress…lol) I went into the html of our theme and there it was!
Technology is great if you use it properly but one little thing wrong and you’re sunk!

It turned out to be a missing ‘ yeap! a tiny little ‘ had broken all my links!
As soon as I replaced that little ‘ all was good in the world again!

The tools we use to run our lives and our businesses have certainly come a long way and for me, have required a steep learning curve! Technology seems to move like the wind and sometimes I’m just not that fast….lol

Now its the end of the day and if you look around I have achieved a lot on the site today – I’m happy!
It is true though……you gotta love technology!

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