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Welcome back to my daily(ish) journal.

Now, I dont need Inspiration – I have plenty!

But I got some team inspiration anyway………read on,

Our group is tight knit and our success is due to the fact that we support and motivate each other and we all follow an exclusive team marketing and training system called SU CopyCat.

As part of our team training, we have bi-weekly web conferences to learn and explore new avenues and area’s and to propell ourselves forward in our own personal growth and in our businesses.  Yesterdays conference was a bit different though.

The main topic on  hand was our new project of course!

Everyone is so excited to be at the beginning of the  journey – where we will carve out a massive internet presence! 

We couldn’t help but to listen intently as the boss explained what is currently going on behind the scenes (namely the development of this website)

I was nervous!  What would everyone think?

Chris and I have put so much work into getting this site up and running and now it was time to unveil our work to the rest of our team.  So, Jason continued on with the background and purpose of the project and then ran a visual presentation to showcase our new site.

It looked great!  even if I do say so myself….lol.  I was Inspired!

Jason navigated through the site and showed it off to the entire team – I was so happy that my team mates thought it was great, I gave myself a little pat on the back :)   Afterall, this is to be our teams new home!  I really wanted everyone to love it as much as I do!

Well – they do!  Awesome!

People were commenting that they felt inspiration and motivation and that they could feel the momentum building!  I was feeling pretty good I must say!  To think that we had created some team inspiration was a great feeling! I felt proud! :)

I had been talking to Jason Cardamone earlier in the week about the benefits of re-branding our team to coincide with our new team site.  He obviously took my thoughts on board because the next thing I knew, the conference had gone into ‘poll’ mode.  In true team spirit, Jason had decided to ask the team about re-branding idea’s, we took a vote and…….. “Team Inspiration” was born!

So, to finish off today – I’d like to let you all know that not only do we have a new home, we also have a new name!

I would like to Welcome you to the new home of Success University’s ”Team Inspiration“.

Talk to you again soon – Kymmy

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