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Success University Scam or Real?

The Success University story started in January 2004. Led by President and CEO Matt Morris, Success University was created to change the world through education and personal development.
On the internet today, you see slogans stating Success University Scam! People wonder if that is true?

So let me help you answer that question. Let’s describe what a scam is. As stated in Wikipedia, a scam is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining confidence. Does Success University practice this deception? Let’s look at the company and products they offer.

First, what is Success University? They are a network marketing company that offers its products via a network marketing/direct sales structure. Here lies the first misconception most people have. As soon as the term ‘network marketing’ is used, the first thought that comes to mind is “here’s another get rich quick scam”. Yes, I will agree that many network companies are based on false promises but you can’t stop at the front door. Once you enter, you will get a better picture of the business. Please refer to an article we published on February 13, 2009 titled “So, You Want to Get Into The Network Marketing Business?” This article will guide you through choosing the right network marketing business that fits your needs. Now ask yourself, is Success University scam or real?

Let’s keep looking further.
Second, what is the actual product of Success University? In a Success University forum, I read a statement that describes their product perfectly. Success University brings you the most advanced online courses on success over assembled. With some of the greatest minds in personal achievement like Les Brown, Robert Allen, Jay Abraham, Cynthia Kersey, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracey, Zig Ziglar and many many more, it’s no wonder that Success University online became the #1 most visited personal development company their first year. Now ask yourself, is Success University scam or real?

Let’s keep looking further.
Third, is there really Success University training? Not only is there training, but we offer top notch mentoring. Our team meets twice weekly via web conference to cover all areas of your Success University business. Our motto is, “Failure is NOT an option”. We take every members business serious. All we ask in return is that you are teachable and have the desire to change your life. Our team has helped thousands succeed and you can too. Ask yourself again, is Success University scam or real?

Lastly, is there Success University income potential? With Success University, they have put together a “Learn and Earn” program. Their incredible pay plan offers a monthly residual income along with two weekly bonus plans. In fact, there are top producers in our company that are making 6 figures a month! Please refer to residual income opportunity for a detailed explanation.

Surely you dont still have to ask… is Success University scam or real?

After this Success University review, you should have a clear image of the Success University opportunity hundreds of thousands of people are enjoying in over 180 countries every day. Whether you are looking to better your life through personal development, earn extra income part time from home or take massive action and create a huge residual income from the internet, Success University has the tools to help you achieve your dreams.
Don’t waste another minute of your life debating whether Success University is a scam – it’s definately not!. Take the next step and join today!

Mike Bulatovich – Team Momentum Contributing Writer/Assistant to Management
Kymmy Link – Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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