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The Two Different Types Of Home Based Business Prospects

There are millions of people in the world. Some of these millions of people want to start a internet business from home, while others do not. I am sure that you have heard the expression “Some Do, Some Don’t, So What?, Next”. There is actually more to it than that. You must first ask yourself “Why?”.

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There are basically two different types of prospects for your home based business. There are people that already know what network marketing is, and there are others that don’t have a clue about what network marketing is. So, when speaking with your prospect, you must first place them in one of two categories.

In this article, we will assume that you have a prospect that wants to start making money online, but they don’t know what network marketing is. Most people that fill out the surveys online about how to work from home aren’t really that educated on their different options.

I cannot tell you how many people I’ve talked to, that want to work from home, and are looking for online typing jobs; however, most prospects don’t know what network marketing is and when I explain it to them, they have another option to think about.

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Network Marketing is the movement of products and/or services from a company to the consumer through distributors. Network Marketing companies are able to provide a higher quality product and/or service because they can focus their attention on product development instead of advertising. Without distributors, the network marketing company would have to focus more of their attention on advertising; thus possibly producing a product and/or service of lesser quality. Network Marketing is also referred to as MLM, for Multi-Level Marketing.

In order to be successful, these MLM companies must provide a product and/or service that will benefit the consumer. You as a distributor are also a consumer. How can you relate this to your prospect?

Ask them to think about how much they currently pay per month for XYZ product and/or service. Then, ask if they would be interested in saving 123 dollars per month using a higher quality product and/or service? If their answer is “No”, you must ask them why. If someone is interested in starting a home based business, they must be willing to become a product of the product.

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Show them how joining your online income opportunity will benefit them through the use of the products and/or services that you have to offer them, and also through the team building system you have in place for them.

There are also people that already know what Network Marketing is. These are great prospects for your home based business; however, they may also have been involved in several different companies over a period of time and they may be very skeptical because none of those income opportunities worked for them in the past.

When your prospect sees that you have a system in place for them to either 1) advertise their home business online or 2) advertise their business offline and be successful, you have suddenly given your prospect a value added service. The more value you can bring to your prospect, the more valuable you will become to them.

We all know that your personal growth directly influences your income. What does this mean, exactly? Well, the more you know about your company, your products and/or services and how to grow a team, directly influences the amount of wealth you will create in your home based business in any network marketing company.

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So, you want to get into the network marketing business?

You may have read a few books or seen several ads on the internet stating something like “home based business”, “make thousands daily on autopilot”. Well my friend I am here to help steer you in the right direction.

There are a few rules you should follow before joining any network marketing company. Don’t get caught up in all the hype. Many people out there only care about taking your money. Their main goal is to lure you in with some outrageous tale of a pot of gold waiting for you if you join their networking marketing company TODAY.

Follow these 5 simple rules and I assure you that your decision process will be much easier.

Rule #1 – Make sure the company you are planning to join has a successful track record, a proven system and a generous compensation plan that has been successful for years.

I can’t stress rule #1 enough. Any network marketing company that states that they have the best home based business system on the planet, must be able to prove it. Time happens to be the best proof there is.

Here is some food for thought. Figures show that 97% of all new network marketing companies fail within the first year. That is an amazing number. What’s even more amazing is that those same figures show that 99% of all new network marketing companies fail within their first three years. You see, a true home based business that has a solid track record will stand the test of time. They will have a system that works and compensation package that is generous.

This Company is breaking all records, and the pays great too!

Rule #2 – The company must offers a business opportunity you can succeed with, believe in and be confident in sharing with others.

Here is where we start to concentrate on something very important, YOU. Any business worked from home, that catches your eye must be one that YOU can succeed with. If their system does not work for you, don’t join. It will be almost impossible for you to commit to any marketing company that you don’t believe in or are embarrassed to share with family or friends. Be honest with yourself.

Rule #3 – The company should have ongoing, long term educational programs to not only develop you financially but personally as well.

Think of rule #3 this way – Most people that have started their own business have either done one of two things; gone to school and got their degree in business management or worked in a particular trade for a while and then decided to go out and join the world of the self employed.
Now stop and think about what it takes to own your own business. I’m sure you can come up with a list that’s at least 3 pages long. It’s not an easy task and it doesn’t happen overnight. Not only will you have to learn to deal with customers but you will also need to learn how to manage and promote your new business, deal with all the internal issues (taxes, laws, organizational aspects, etc) and keep it operating year after year profitably.

Why do you think franchises are so popular? A franchise already has a proven system and continuous education programs to make sure you succeed. So when deciding on a home based business, be sure that the network marketing company you are considering has ongoing, long term educational programs.

Rule #4 – The company must have a strong mentor to turn to.

You want to learn from real leaders, not people reading from a script that don’t even work the business themselves. True leaders work their business and want you to succeed because your success is their success as well.
If you join a mlm company that offers no support or one that doesn’t give you access to a proven leader that is really succeeding in the business then, stay away.

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How is anyone going to learn how to succeed with that type of home based business? If you were to go to school, you would learn from a teacher that has the skills to teach you. If you go to work for a typical brick and mortar company, they have supervisors or managers that will teach you how to do your job. These people will constantly be there to support you any time you need help. You are learning from real leaders. If the business you are looking into doesn’t offer you true support from a real person that is actually succeeding, stay away.

Rule #5 – The company must have people you respect and enjoy being with.

This rule may seem simple at first glance but think about it for a minute. How many jobs have you had throughout the years that when you started you thought it would be a great job? You met the team and thought, they seem nice – this will be great? A lot of times, everything is great from the outside but once you get in, everything changes.
Your co-workers are un-happy and hate working there or complain throughout the day. Your supposed leader/supervisor/manager is a real pain and doesn’t want to spend the time to teach you. They have the attitude that you should have learned ‘that’ during your training.

I can go on and on with examples here but I think you get the point. Be sure you respect the people in the network marketing company you plan to join, and be sure that they truly believe in what they do and if you are motivated, you will enjoy being associated with them.

If the mlm or home based business you are considering can pass these five criteria, then take a deeper look at the product.

These 5 basic rules will give you a good foundation for choosing the right home based business opportunity for you. When you think you found one you like, go over these rules one at a time and if that network marketing business can pass the tests, you may have found the right home based business for you.

I would like to thank a person that I consider a mentor. His name is Robert Kiyosaki, the bestselling author of the many “Rich Dad” series of books. You see, he was the one that taught me these 5 basic rules. I followed these rules myself when I chose my network marketing home based business. You see, in order to succeed in life, YOU need to learn from real leaders who have been successful themselves. You need to learn from people YOU respect and want to help you succeed. I can’t express the gratitude I have for Mr. Kiyosaki for helping people like me, travel in the right direction to succeed in life. He doesn’t tell you what to do, he teaches you what to do.

If you truly want to be successful – why not study success?
Do your due diligance and be informed and knowledgable.

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We hope you find these tips on how to evaluate a network marketing company or a home based business helpful.
Be sure to come back soon to read other interesting articles about online business, marketing and success!

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