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Have you ever wondered why it is so easy for some people to succeed and seems so difficult for others? Today, We’ll be discussing some of the reasons why that is.

When people first look at your business, they are not sure if they can do it.  Then once they’ve plugged into your business, they get excited for a while.  Once they’ve been watching and learning for a short period of time, they will do one of two things.

They will either sink or they will start to swim. They will either give up and quit or they will learn more and start to take action, depending on their enthusiasm.

Most people have a short span of attention and are only able to keep themselves motivated when their emotions are high, usually within the first 72 hours after joining.

However, When they get involved with the system and get to know the people behind the business, it is easier to keep them plugged in and will usually help with the momentum needed to stay focused with the rest of the action needed to succeed.

When building your business, you will want to be sure to help your people get plugged into the system and the team of people, early enough to help them to stay motivated till they reach some success.  Otherwise, they may not stick around long enough to carry out the actions needed to actually reach a level of success.

One of the main keys to success is motivation.  Without the motivation to strive for the success, people will not want to do the work necessary to reach the next level of success.

Although some people are self motivated, most are not.  Most will need to feel like they are part of a team. Part of something that is worth while.  Or part of something exciting to them.  If they don’t feel motivated, most people won’t even stay around long enough to find out what is necessary to succeed.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, some people even want success without having to work for it.  And some companies and businesses, especially on the internet, will advertise that people can achieve success without any action or effort on their part.

And even though it is actually not possible in most cases, people actually want to believe it can happen without any effort.  So they get involved thinking, or wanting to believe, that they can reach success effortlessly and when they realize they won’t, they will drop out of that business as well.

So it is very important that people realize the power of success when building their business.

When you tell people up front what it will take to succeed, most are OK with it.

Except maybe the truly lazy people of the world, that actually expect things to be handed to them on a silver platter without being asked to do anything.

Most of the times, when you let people know that they can succeed and that you believe in them, they will take the action necessary to make it happen.  So actually, the real power is in believing in others and helping them to believe in themselves. Giving them the belief in themselves that they have the power to succeed.

So, the true power of Success is actually helping others to believe in themselves.

The people themselves will take the action needed to succeed when the belief is there.  however, most people don’t believe in themselves.  Or don’t believe in themselves for a long enough period needed to get the momentum build up to carry them to success.

Today I want to encourage you to believe in yourself enough to take the action necessary to succeed.
Continue to believe in yourself until you do.

If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to succeed and want to learn to believe in yourself, we have personal development products that can help.

We also have a team of leaders that is teaching this to their team.  Join us and you can succeed as well.

Ruby E. Garson – Team Momentum Contributing Writer
Lana Robinson – Team Momentum website Manager/Team Leader

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