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Teamwork got me through the day! Phew!
I feel priviledged to be a part of “Team Momentum” for several reasons, but today, our awesome support of each other and global reach of one another really came into play! here’s why……..

The journey – the road we are travelling in creating our new website hit a few speed humps and didn’t exactly go to plan today.

What do you do when you are overwhelmed with work?
You need help fast? you run into technical difficulties that are beyond the scope of your abilities? and
you’re so excited about your new team project that you have set yourself unreasonable targets?

What do you do? – Join our Team Now!

Well, I had to ask myself all those questions and more today!
You see – I’m pumped! I’m very excited! as a matter of fact I’m off the rictor scale when it comes to enthusiam and energy for “Team Momentum’s” latest project, but today did not start well!

Anyone who has had a go at developing websites knows there is alot of work involved – I know it – I’ve done it a few times. I thought I would be fine as I have experience and knew what was needed!
I know how to run cpanel and webepanel and a couple of other operating platforms as well.

Today – I met Plesk……oh boy!
“This couldn’t be too hard”, I said and set off about my tasks.
As I looked at the time, three hours had past and I was getting no where fast!
Worse than that, the other jobs on my to-do list were now well behind schedule and becoming out of reach.

I know what to do, I thought – call in my team!
Teamwork will get me through!
Techical problems? no worries call in Jason from the USA. Work piling up? lucky I have Chris on hand in the UK. A skype call or 3 later and my problems were solved! Jason Cardamone, our team’s Executive Director, also happens to be a computer engineer and Chris Suckling, our site co-ordinator and Counselor with Success University is an old hand in management and administration and was ready, willing and able to lighten my load!

How lucky am I to be part of such a wonderful team? Extremely lucky!
For a group of people to come together from around the world and help each other to achieve a common goal is an awesome testment to the power of teamwork!

Check out our Team Here!

Do you have support? Are you part of a team?
If you are, take advantage of the many skills that will surely abound from your team mates.
If you are not – join a team! Join our Team Now!

Needless to say……..the day ended well! I have past the issues and our team has come together to achieve our common goals. The project is back on track and I am very excited to be able to present our new site to the entire team during our bi-weekly team conference tomorrow!

Team Momentum’s massive success is born from our commitment to each other and the massive action we take as a team! Our teamwork rules!

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