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The phrase Law of Attraction is widely used by successful individuals.

The Law of Attraction derives from universal rules whereas our very focus is said to add force to our reality.  However, many people do not understand the process, and how it is applied to a higher purpose.

To better take advantage of the most powerful law in the universe, reach ones goals and dreams and achieve harmony and peace of mind, there are initial adjustments in ones energy system to take into serious consideration.

The Law of Attraction is so powerful that it cannot be underestimated. It makes sense to say that the center of our attention has a great impact on our life. There is a considerable amount of people on the planet who struggle to achieve true happiness in life. There are many reasons for this.

One reason is the inner frequencies in their energy system broadcasting. For instance, when one person views the world as fearful this naturally produces fearful feelings. Negative experiences from the past create emotions which reinforces the perception that the world is fearful.  Unconsciously that person draws in events that match that vibration frequency.

In other words by being tuned in at the wrong frequency the Law of Attraction works against that person’s purpose. Consequently that same person might set higher goals while striving for fulfillment without attaining that longed feeling and inner peace. We need to look at the broader picture to understand why this might not be achieved.

Material things usually provide us with temporary pleasure but have never endorsed human beings with true happiness. One step in the right direction is to recognize internal elements which inhibit harmony. Often people tend to search for external factors such as the acquisition of material things to compensate for lack in their lives.

Take the case of an individual who has experienced a series of previous traumatic and fearful periods in his or her life. This person will naturally project the future as equally fearful. Thus the individual pushes the gap in terms of the lack of safety and warmth further away.

In contrast, a person who views the world as a place of unconditional love, and a place of endless opportunities, will automatically apply the law of attraction to his or her favor. By attracting love and affection this person will most likely attract other positive things in life as well. 

Back to my point, by continuously keeping the frequency of unconditional love, we will start to manifest positive things into our lives. However, as mentioned above, before we can effectively utilize the Law of Attraction to achieve true happiness, we first need to release all that circulating negative energy.

The underlying key is forgiveness and by forgiving we can better let go. As a result, we will be able to force that same negative energy out of our system. Once we feel rinsed we then have the power to take control and take complete advantage of the most powerful law in the universe, that is the Law of Attraction.

Summing up, to effectively use this universal law to attract positive stimulus, one must simply shift the perception of the world and perhaps of oneself. It is absolutely fundamental to understand the mechanisms of the universe to reach ones fullest potential.  Depending on where we have our focus, our beliefs have a decisive impact on our life situation.  It all begins with the Law of Attraction.

Hakon Ringstad – Team Momentum Contributing Writer

Kymmy Link – Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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