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5 Different Ways To Make An Online Income

Although there is no way you can “get rich quick” online, there are many programs available that will allow you to make a steady residual income over time. As your income increases, you are then able to use alternative advertising sources to get more people interested in your home based business. Listed below are 5 different methods you can use to make an online income.

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1. Write an eBook on a subject you know very well. Doing this will establish you as a leader in your chosen field, whether it be selling cosmetics, health & wellness products, travel, network marketing consulting, or list building techniques. There are many free and paid websites available that will allow you to upload your eBook for other people to download. Ensure your eBook has good, quality content and includes links to your website.

2. Join an affiliate program and market their products. Affiliate Marketing is basically where someone else has written an eBook, or developed a software program, that helps other people accomplish anything from dog training to making money online. You can earn anywhere from 35% to 70% of the actual sales amount depending on the product you choose to market. When you market affiliate products to a target audience, you can definitely make money online each and every day.

3. Get your own domain name, regardless of what you are marketing online. Not only does it look more professional for your home business, but it also allows you to control the content on the page. When choosing a domain name, try to choose one that is easy to remember and easy to spell.

4. Empty out your garage, attic and closets and sell those items on eBay or TripleClicks. Most everybody knows about eBay. Many people still don’t know about TripleClicks, as it is fairly new and is taking the online auction market by storm. As with eBay, TripleClicks makes it quick, simple, and easy to sell the stuff you no longer need for cash or trade. You can list dozens or even hundreds of miscellaneous items and start putting cash in your pocket today.

5. Join a network marketing or MLM company, that provides products or services that interest you. If you absolutely hate to travel, then starting a travel business may not be for you. However, if you are the type of person that loves personal development, then starting a network marketing business with a global success team may be right up your alley. There are literally hundreds of different network marketing companies you can join that provide kitchen and cooking supplies, cosmetics, health and wellness supplements, travel, environmentally safe household cleaning supplies, you name it.

However, before you try making an online income by joining any network marketing company, make sure you research not only the company but also the team that you will be joining. You don’t want to join a network marketing company and then be left all alone to figure out how to build your business.

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Using the tips above, you can start a home based business and start making money online in just a few days. The important thing to take with you after reading this article is that there is not a way to “get rich quick” online. Building a business from home should be treated just like any other brick and mortar business. If you treat your home based business like a real business, you will be making an online income for years to come.

Lana Robinson
Team Momentum Article Writer

Kymmy Link
Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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