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After four years in business, Success University has enrolled approximately 100,000 students in 180 countries around the world to become one of the most dominant companies in the personal development industry generating millions of dollars annually.

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Success is a funny thing!
Those that enjoy success often don’t talk about it and those that do not are somehow authorities on how to achieve it….lol

This is the Real Deal on Success!

What ever you would like to know about Success, in any area, can be found at Success University! Here are a few things that you dont often get told about Success. This excerpt is from Brian Tracey – a Success University Faculty member and world renowned expert on all things to do with achieiving ultimate Success!

What Nobody Tells You About Success
By: Brian Tracy

Want to get that dream job or turn your passion into a business and become a highly successful entrepreneur? Want to be able to afford a dream home for you and your family?

I’ve been fortunate over the years and now live in sunny San Diego, not to far from the beautiful Pacific. In some people’s eyes I’ve made it. How can you realize your dreams and make them a reality?

I’d like to share the fastest way to get a job or make your business flourish, even in this economy.

The Truth — About Success
When I graduated from college, I thought I was smart. I’d aced most of my courses, and figured I could easily hit pay dirt in the business world. Then, harsh reality hit.

When I started in sales, I’d call and leave my name and my company name. Then I’d wait and wait and most of the time, I’d never get a call back. And if I did talk to someone, more often than not, I’d get the brush off.

It turned out that no matter how much I thought of myself, my company, and our services, no one cared and it was killing my career.

The Success Secret You Need To Know
If you want to succeed, you need to realize the following. As marketing expert Charlie Cook explained to me, “No one cares who you are until they know how you can help them.”

That simple idea changed my life.

Change your life too.

If you want to get people’s attention — in a few words tell them how you can help them — then they’ll want to talk with you.

Once people know how you can help them, they’ll be hungry to hear from you, eager to talk with you. Getting the conversation started is the most important step to being successful.

Without an easy way to get that initial conversation going, you’ll always be frustrated, no matter how smart or capable you are. That applies to everything from getting job interviews, getting a response to your cold calls, emails, web marketing, direct marketing, and any other way you reach out and try to stimulate a response.

What You Need
What’s the biggest mistake you can make if you want to be successful? Using a label. Telling people you’re looking for a job, or you want to be a lawyer, a trainer or sell solar panels. That’s what most people do, and it’s why they don’t ever make as much as they could.

Whether you’re looking for a job or looking for a sale, you need to do the same thing: give people a reason to talk with you. That’s what a good marketing message will do.

Which Path To Success Is Right For You
1. Use the same approach that everyone else is using. Stick with your name, the usual labels, etc. Do this, and your resume or your marketing will blend in with everyone else’s. You won’t stand a chance of ever getting noticed.

2. Assume that since you’re the smartest and best-qualified person for the job or that since you’ve been in business the longest, you’re a shoe-in and employers or prospects will instantly notice you and want to talk with you.

Sorry to tell you this, but WAKE UP! There are tons of smart people on the planet and tons of competitors. If you’re expecting others to recognize how brilliant you or your services are, you might as well give up looking for work right now.

3. Discover the proven system for getting attention and jump-starting your success by using personal development to excel every area of your life.

When you get it, you’ll find exactly how to get attention and get the conversation going, so you can land the job you want, the client you need, and ultimately, make more money.

With option three you’ll be using a time tested strategy for success. One that you can use to make ten times as much in half the time.

Make more money in a month than most people do in a year!

The Best Way to Achieve Your Dreams
If personal success is achieving your dreams, Success University’s system will help you get there.

Want to discover how much more successful you could be and how much more money you could be making?

You can put this proven money-making system to use within minutes, and start to increase your income while slashing your working hours.

Interested in going from dreams to reality? Take action now!

Well that was from an article by Brian Tracey!

I just love Brian Tracey’s no nonsense approach and dialogue!
When Matt Morris, the founder of Success University was adding Faculty members to the Board – it’s very plain to see why Brian Tracey made the cut!

The fact that Brian Tracey embraces his position at Success University is a first class testimony to the quality of personal development and Success education that is made available to Success University students.

You too can have access to Brian Tracey and many other world leaders, 24/7 at your comvenience!

Let us help you!
Team Momentum promotes superior support amongst the team and therefor we enjoy inevitable success! We pride ourselves on the way we help each other grow both our businesses and our own selves.

We have many proven ways to help people succeed and provide coaching, mentorship and personal attention to all members of our team – find out what we can do for you! – You’ll be amazed at the many ways in which we love to help!

Isn’t it about time you took your life to the next level?
Enjoy ultimate SuccessJoin Success University Now!

Kymmy Link – Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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