Residual Income Opportunity

Thousands are building a substantial income using the power of the internet and network marketing. Every network marketing opportunity on the planet relies on personal development to keep the momentum going in their business.

With Personal Development as the product, and Success University being the most visited Personal Development website on the internet, who can stop us?

This 4 year old company has placed itself in the top 2% of all MLM companies by just being here after 4 years! The company is run with integrity, a killer product and a 60% payout compensation plan. Hence the reason why virtually every top marketer in the industry is somewhere within it’s ranks.

As a member of Success University, not only can you benefit from the awesome education but you can earn as you learn as well!

We know that you will be so overwhelmed with the product, being the education, that you will want to tell everyone you know about your newly found home at Success University!

All you need to do, to earn while you learn is invite others to view the company, education or income opportunity – and you can offer interested parties a Free 14 day trial, so they can check it out for themselves without obligation.

Just by inviting others to Success University, you can earn – as follows………

1. Weekly Fast-Start Bonuses – Unlimited Earning Potential!

For each premium student you personally enroll, you’ll earn a weekly Fast-Start check ranging from $20 up to $40 depending on your rank.

As you advance in rank, you’ll also earn infinity bonuses of up to $20 for the new enrollments that occur throughout your organization. You’ll be paid the difference between the rank you are at and the next rank below you – Infinite Levels Deep!

2. Weekly Dual Team Infinity Bonuses – Up To $10,000 Per Week!

When you enroll, you will be assigned a tracking center which will track all sales in your organization infinite levels deep. This tracking center will have two Teams, a Left Team and a Right Team.

To qualify to earn weekly commissions, you will need to enroll one student on your Left Team and one student on your Right Team. (2 total students.)

You will then earn a commission check (paid weekly) of *up to $40 each time your organization creates 6 total premium students anywhere in your organization with a 1/3 : 2/3 balance. See these examples…

Sales counted in your Teams can be placed by any of your Team Members, including those ABOVE you, this is called spillover. All sales count equally, globally, to unlimited depth!

In the event that there is unused volume, (Example: 4 sales on one team but 0 on the other) as long as you are active, (paying your $49.95 tuition) those sales will carry over to be used in the following weeks – No Flushing!

Rules and Qualifications:

In order to earn weekly (Dual Team) commissions you must maintain your $49.95 monthly tuition as well as maintain one personally enrolled active student on each of your two Teams.
Volume begins to accumulate as soon as you personally enroll 1 student on each of your two sales teams. (A 30 day grace period is given.)

You’ll also need to maintain at least 1 personally enrolled active student each month to be eligible for commissions. If you enroll more than 1 student in a given month, those sales will carry over to the following months as long as each student remains active. (Example: If you enroll 4 students in one month, you will be qualified for 4 months.) When you have personally enrolled 6 students who remain active, you will be qualified for life.

*When and if Success University’s total payout of commissions exceeds 60% of the volume for any given pay period, the company adjusts the bonuses to have a maximum of 60% payout. Based on this rule, the past 2 month average cycle pay has been approximately $32.00 per cycle.

3. Monthly Dual Team Infinity Bonuses – Up To $40,000 Per Month!

As a qualified premium student you’ll receive *up to $40 (Paid Monthly) per every 6 monthly tuitions throughout your organization with a 1/3 : 2/3 balance. Note: Each students first month payment ($149.95) is paid out in the weekly commission plan.

This compensation plan allows a higher percentage payout than any other compensation plan available today. Take a look at this example of your monthly income potential as your team grows…

Rules and Qualifications: Same as the weekly dual team plan.

So, as you can see, there is a lot of money to be made with Success University!
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