Here at Team Momentum we are on a road to fast growth, and we have the momentum to get us where we want to go!

After four years in business, Success University has enrolled approximately 100,000 students in 180 countries around the world to  become one of the most dominant companies in the personal development industry generating millions of dollars annually.

With all that Success University offers its students with all the high tech courses taught by over 60 world-renown experts in their fields, you just can’t go wrong.  We have courses in print, audio and video.  So no matter what type of presentation you learn from best, we have it for you.

Whether you want to join to become a student simply for the personal development products or you truly have the desire to also build a business by sharing this program with others, we have what you need to succeed.

With all the numerous courses and the array of topics covered, there is truly something to help everyone.

What is our Goal?  To help you have the life of your dreams.  We want to be here to help you have a more balanced life and if you desire to build a business, we can help you to be more financially successful as well.

Our team, “Team Momentum” is the team breaking records for Success University online through our internet marketing efforts and our outstanding leadership.

We are teaching our teams the top notch skills being used on the internet today.  If you want to know what is happening, all you need to do is invest in yourself and your business, get plugged in and put in the action needed and we will help you to reach success.

Our Team Momentum training and marketing teams are establishing several marketing groups which foster a truly friendly learning environment and help people of any skill level to actually learn what the experts are doing to market their own businesses and we’ll help you to be able to put these steps into action in your own business as well.

So if you’ve been struggling, and getting to success is seeming to take longer than you thought it would, come join our Team Momentum and become a part of what is creating a storm on the internet.  We are currently one of the top online, internet marketing teams with Success University behind us all the way.

Because you are reading this today, you now have the opportunity to take advantage of an introductory 14 day trial into Success University for only a $2 donation.  Your donation for this 14 day trial is donated to the "Feed The Children" charity.

You will have complete and full access into all the personal Development courses Success University offers, for the full 14 days.  You will also have access to our outstanding team leadership through personal mentoring from your sponsor.  So you see, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by becoming a member of our team.

What are you waiting for, click here to get more information.

We look forward to meeting you.

Ruby E. Garson – Team Momentum Contributing Writer
Lana Robinson – Team Momentum website Manager/Team Leader

5 Responses to “If You’re NOT with Success University You Are Slowing Yourself Down!”
  1. Thanks for this opportunity, I think it would be very helpfukl for me to join you! How can I enroll?

  2. Bunker says:

    I added your blog to bookmarks. And i’ll read your articles more often!

  3. Success University has gone through some changes.

    Contact me directly for more information:

  4. Will Stewart says:

    Team Momentum does not exist anymore:
    The reason is that Success University overcharged for some very mundane information
    and these supposed leaders never gave anyone realistic marketing methods to use.
    The amount and quality of information was at the senior high school level,not really substantative
    and if you searched for the author’s names you could find out more information from them on
    their own websites. Success University is not successful long-term.

  5. Hello Will,

    I appreciate your opinion. Team Momentum DOES still exist my friend.

    Team Momentum is not contained inside of Chris Suckling’s link that you posted, our TEAM is inside of the strength of it’s members! While Success University has merged into WorldVentures, Over 75% of our team has stayed together in this industry and we’re growing stronger than ever.

    I agree that some of the materials in Success University were found outside at the author’s sites, but there was a LOT of stuff inside of SU that was NOT found anywhere else for free. (Much of it you had to pay for)

    The real reasons for the Success University merging into WorldVentures are not as you described, but I will not go into them for legal reasons.

    You’re more than welcome to your own opinion though.

    If you are still looking for a TEAM to join, feel free to contact me and I can get you more information on what we’re doing now that Success University is “gone”.

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