Meet Our Website Team

We are a team of network and internet marketers compiled by the leader of the record breaking SU CopyCat team, Executive Director of Success University, Jason Cardamone.

MISSION – To bring personal development education, and time and money freedom to the masses!

Meet Jason Cardamone ……..Founder of Team Momentum, the SUCopyCat marketing system and Success University Executive Director.

Jason Cardamone

Previously a software engineer, record breaking salesperson, and a smoothie franchise owner, I have replaced my income and crazy 90-100 hour work weeks by using the internet. I now work from home part time in Colorado (with a more than full time income) and spend time with my loved ones.

I was put on this earth to help others out, and my passion is to help others to achieve the same time and money freedom that I have achieved. I have created this system for the person who doesn’t believe in "selling", and wishes to create a huge residual income from the internet. If you simply bring the desire to change your life positively in all aspects and you are teachable, I will be your business partner/mentor and will be here for you every step of the way. I only ask that you put in either some time, some ad money, or both. The more you put of either one, the faster your residual income can grow. We will use this system and the internet and you CAN succeed…I have helped thousands of others to do so!

Meet Chris Suckling , Team Momentum Website Coordinator………….

Chris Suckling

I currently own and run a fitted furniture supply and installation company. Self-employment has taken over my life for the last five years!

I am also working on a part-time basis to build my Success University business to a full time income.

Working tirelessly on this website is the latest exciting installment in the journey towards time and money freedom! Embracing personal development and a new way of thinking is what has made this all possible for my life.

I love what Success University has to offer. I have the opportunity to earn as I learn how to improve myself, and making an income from this business is so easy when you know how. This is a great opportunity that really delivers what it promises. I feel blessed to have stumbled upon it :)

Meet Mike Bulatovich , Team Momentum Manager’s Assistant……….

Mike Bulatovich

Hello, my name is Mike and I live in the United States in beautiful Arizona.

My professional background is a self employed business owner with sales, marketing and management experience. My business success has always revolved around my ability to lead and help others, but success in the corporate world comes at a price. That price is called ‘time’. My seven day work week and long hours were taking away valuable time with my family. I needed to take back control of my life. I needed to find a way to generate an income and still do the things I love; business, sales, marketing and helping others.

Network marketing was my answer. I am able to work from home, create a residual income and help teach others, no matter their skill level, how to succeed.

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