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Question: What is Success University?


Success University is the world’s first online learning company devoted exclusively to personal development and entrepreneurialism. We provide our students a convenient, time saving way to utilize online tools to speed up the learning process. You’ll have access to the leading names in personal development — people like Brian Tracy… Cynthia Kersey… Robert Allen… Les Brown… Jay Abraham… and dozens of other world class authors, teachers and coaches.

Our revolutionary technology delivers no-fail success principles in just minutes a day… leaving you free to live your life and achieve ongoing personal growth on a continual basis.

Success University also offers an income opportunity without equal. Statistics show that the majority of the adult population is extremely interested in learning how be more successful. The industry that markets books, courses and seminars on success and personal development is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. We’ve created a unique cash flow referral system that allows you to tap into this booming market. While we can’t make any guarantees about what you’ll earn, we have designed the program to be the most advanced of its kind by fairly and evenly ‘distributing the wealth’.

Question: Is Success University a “Multi-Level Marketing” Company?


Everyone has a different definition of “Multi-Level Marketing” or “Network Marketing”. If your question is:

“Do I have to buy inventory and stick it in my garage?”

“Do I have to invite friends and relatives to meetings?”

“Do I have to fill out a lot of paperwork and keep track of ‘who’s who’ in my group?”

“Do I have to pay a lot of money up front to get started?”

The answer to your question is a big NO.

If your question is:

“Can I make an additional income, without leaving my home, while I’m setting my own hours, and learning all there is to know about success in the process?”

Then the answer is a big YES.


Question: How do I take the courses? How long does it take — what will I learn?


You’ll enjoy these life-enhancing courses through your own private online learning center where you’ll access streaming audio and video programs, automated emailing systems, online exams, and other powerful communication systems that were not available to educators as recently as a few years ago. Students never need to leave the privacy of their homes or offices to attend class at Success University.

Success University’s flagship curriculum consists of a first-of-a-kind, revolutionary 28-Day Monthly Achievement Program that uses Internet-based, new-millennium technology to deliver time-tested success principles in a way that they’ve never been accessible before.

The 28-Day Monthly Achievement Programs enable you to achieve goals you set for yourself — you just follow a sequence of steps based on core principles of success. Each month, you select a new 28-Day Achievement Program addressing a different topic… providing the most well rounded success education available today.

In addition to its 28-Day Monthly Achievement Programs, Success University also offers over 175 Elective Short Courses that all students have the privilege to attend. These powerful streaming audio and video courses teach skills that enhance virtually every area of your life — including personal, professional, and entrepreneurial development. You can take up to ten of these courses at your own pace each month — and receive credits upon the completion of each.

In general, the 28 Day programs take about ten to fifteen minutes a day. You will be delivered 20 lessons over the course of a month, Monday through Friday. The elective courses typically are anywhere from about 20 minutes in length to 70 minutes in length… you can take them on a weekend or an evening when you’ve got some free time.

You’ll also enjoy the complete Jim Rohn International Success Plan where you’ll receive a new lesson from Jim each week along with a downloadable workbook. You’ll have access to additional audios, ebooks, and conference calls from several of the greatest speakers, trainers, and authors in the personal development industry. Jim Rohn has offered this course for the past 2 years with an astounding 90+% retention rate with hundreds and hundreds of unsolicited testimonials.

In addition to the complete online curriculum, you’ll receive Success University’s Monthly Empowerment Series mailed to your home or office. Each month, you will receive a new and empowering CD and DVD from one of our inspirational faculty members. Included in each Empowerment Series is a printed copy of our monthly newsletter, the Success Express. The Success Express is filled with empowering articles designed to continually boost your personal success each and every month.

The complete Success University curriculum is the most advanced new way to learn all there is to know about success!


Question: How do I make money? How much can I earn?


In a general sense, you make a percentage of the tuition revenue paid by the members in your organization.


Question: How do I get people to join?


Success University’s team of expert marketers and programmers has developed a complete marketing system for you to use for FREE for the lifetime of your Success University membership. One of the main features of this turn-key marketing system is that you’ll have your very own professionally-designed website (just like this one) that will do all the selling for you. Your website is a tireless recruiting machine that does a sales presentation for you… it works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… it never gets tired… it never calls in sick… and it does a perfect presentation every time.


Question: What does it cost to get started? What if I change my mind after I enroll?


Success University charges $149.95 for your Premium Product Package. You pay only $49.95 per month (+$5.95 Shipping & Handling) thereafter for your tuition.

You are under no obligation to continue attending classes at Success University. You may cancel your membership at any time with no further obligation and you’ll get to keep over $800 in Free Bonuses Courses just for trying us out!


Question: Is there a Guarantee?


YES! By enrolling today, you’ll receive a 30 DAY IRON-CLAD, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. You’ll have 30 full days to go through the Success University Premium Product Package… if you don’t feel that it’s worth every penny and more after you’ve gone through the materials, simply return your product package in re-usable condition and we’ll refund your entire enrollment fee. You’ll even get to keep all $848 in Free Bonus Courses as our way of saying thanks for trying it out! It’s Completely Risk-Free!


Question: What do I need to do to enroll?

Answer: Click Here!

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