Exclusive Team Training

“Team Momentum” use the hugely successful SU CopyCat internet marketing system.

Jason Cardamone, Executive Director with Success University, is the creator of the SUCopyCat system and has developed this unique training and marketing program for the exclusive use of “Team Momentum” members.

Please note that this information is very outdated!  Click the black “SUCopyCat” link above to get in contact with me! (Jason Cardamone)

Fueled by the empowerment of our own product, we have a highly contactable team with an extremely duplicable team system. We have bi-weekly web conferences and a fully maintained training site that is updated live as changes are made within the industry. Add to this, exclusive team sales pages and marketing materials, valuable resources and hands on upline support amongst other features – and you have a truly powerful system to spearhead your attack in marketing and promotion of Success University.

For the investor that would like things to run almost on autopilot, there are a range of team co-ops to keep the traffic coming without the investment of time.

Here is an overview from the system creator and our team leader – Jason Cardamone.

Here is some background on setting up your own training site and the team “sales pages”. The first thing to note is that one of the main reasons we are one of the fastest growing teams in all of Success University is because of our team sales pages and training system…so the very first step in being on this team is to get your own system setup today. (EVERY member of our team that is having success has the SUCopyCat system.)

You receive your OWN, personal team training site.
You receive your OWN, personal sales page(s).
You create another stream of income. ($5.77/month for all personal enrollments)
You receive ongoing and instant improvements to your training site & sales pages.
Your autoresponder will build all of your marketing systems for you, on autopilot! (Whether or not people entering your autoresponder signup for your SU team!)

SUCopyCat is $29.97/month.
HOWEVER, currently the cost of the entire system is only $14.97/month. If you’ve been on the internet for long, you know that we could easily charge at least $50/month for this system. This doesn’t even consider that you create an additional stream of income with the extra $5.77/month for each personally referred SUCopyCat affiliate!
(If you lock in at $14.97, your monthly payment will always be that much as long as you keep it active.)

Many of you know the quote that this system was founded on:
“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”
- Zig Ziglar.

It is my full intention that this system does, and always will abide by this quote.
- Jason Cardamone.

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