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To Our Valued Readers & Subscribers,

If you notice a different “beat” to this post…it’s because the entire company of Success University has merged into a company called World Ventures.

The website team here of Success University Momentum has stopped promoting Success University/WorldVentures.

Due to our strong teamwork & leadership, more than 80% of our former Success University team has remained together.  To learn more about what we’re currently up to, please visit us here and Let Us Give You Free Stuff!

We have completed our team replicated system, and due to our “high tech, high touch” approach, we have a very fast growing team of over 6,000 members in only 12 months. (As of the writing of this post – December 31st, 2009)

To YOUR Ultimate Success!

Jason Cardamone

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Can you build a great home business, even in today’s economy?

The short answer is Yes! It’s actually easier than you may think.

With today’s economic scales tipping sharply to one side, it’s a wonder anyone can make ends meet. With inflation at an all time high and with record unemployment numbers, it’s no surprise that economic forecasters predict a steep slide into recession.

It seems everyone you talk to is looking for ways to make an extra income. Some are finding part time jobs, whilst others are finding it hard to hold down their current job. Anyway to make more money would do. So, Is it a good time to think about a home business?

Anytime that you are motivated and determined to succeed is a good time!

So, how can you build a home business and actually succeed in today’s economy? Well, we have some suggestions that may help if you! We are a team of dedicated internet marketers, all making money online and you can too!

We know people are nervous because the economy is “gloomy”, but, when we’ve had disasters in the past years, we rebuilt didn’t we? We didn’t let mother nature stop us from re-claiming our lives and our fortunes. So why do so many people let the ’shirts’ on wall street dictate how we look at this economy.

Although we haven’t been in this much national debt in a long time, we have been here in the past. Let me explain…the experts tell us that the recession of the 1920’s was very similar to what we are now experiencing. Did we bounce back from that? of course we did. And we’ll bounce back again. History always has a way of repeating itself.

The fact is, the economy is changing. That is all. And it will recalculate and adjust itself as it has in the past. Now what we should be taking care of is finding our own way to make money. One way is to build a home business so we are able to sustain us in the event that the sliding economy effects us personally.

One way to do this is by using your spare time to become involved in a home business that has a proven track record of success. A business that will give you the tools needed to succeed in spite of what the economy is doing.

Success University is one business that fits the description and is exploding in sales and growth despite the current financial climate. This business is actually a solution to people’s desire for more income because it is helping thousands of people to create a residual income, not only providing excellent education to improve skills but also by allowing affiliates to share this education and paying them to do so.

How does that sound? If you would like to improve your lifestyle and your finances by simply sharing excellent personal development education to others, this is for you!

You can check out our amazing educational program on a 14 day free trial, just to see if Success University is for you.

Our team of leaders will not only help you to get started, they will guide you every step of the way to Success. You can start a home business and defy today’s economy! Just have a look around our team site for more information or contact us anytime – we do answer our mail and return phone calls!

If you would like any further information about how to build a home business, we are here to help you!

Ruby E. Garson – Team Momentum Contributing Writer
Kymmy Link – Team Momentum website Manager/Team Leader

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A few days ago, I was given the task to write an article about how being a member of Success University has helped me, and maybe even more specifically about what being on this particular team has done for me. It’s taken me a while to write this article simply because I didn’t know where to start! I have learned so much since being a member of Success University and this team that I seriously did not know where to begin. This article is my attempt to cover the highlights of being part of this amazing company.

Internet Marketing – I’ve paid thousands of dollars to learn what I’m learning through Success University. Of course, all members can join Success University by paying $2 (which is donated to charity) and gain access to the entire online training catalogue for a full 14 days with absolutely no further obligation for anything else. This is what I did in June of 2008. I joined the company and immediately went to see what was so hot about their training. Let me tell you that I was absolutely blown away. The very first course I took was by Shawn Casey and it was all about how to drive traffic to your website. Not how to drive traffic to your Success University site… how to drive traffic to ANY site promoting any products or services. I took this information and applied it to the business I had been trying to promote online for several years and saw results within 2 days.

Success Principals – I’ve spent days and days in the local library finding all the books I could get my hands on about how to be successful. I’ve paid for and listened to hours and hours of audio tapes and CDs on the subject. I’ve come to the conclusion that if you want to be successful, then you have to find someone that has acquired the amount of success that you want to have… and then do as they have done. Success University’s training catalogue is packed full of training by some of the most talked about experts in the field on how to be successful. Now, I don’t have to go to the library every Saturday afternoon and find a new book. All I have to do is check my mailbox – because I receive 4 to 5 different audios and DVDs each and every month courtesy of Success University!

Teamwork – As the saying goes… there’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’. That is exactly what I learned the very first time I attended one of our team’s weekly conference calls. There were hundreds of people on the web conference and most were asking questions. What impressed me was that the team’s leader actually answered all of their questions. There was no hesitation. Questions were asked and they were answered. So, I looked up the information for my upline and gave them a call as well. Guess what? I found that these people are some of the most caring people I’ve never met. Every time I have a question, it gets answered.

As I became more familiar with Success University, their compenstation plan, their commission schedule, and our team’s sales pages I was able to answer questions for my new team members very easily. And, if I couldn’t answer a question, then someone in my upline called the new member and answered their questions for me. I even had a member join, drop out and then re-join under our director and he was placed right back in my downline where he started. Our team leaders don’t ’steal’ signups. This team is really a team.

I could write a lot more about how Success University has been a blessing in my life. Or, you can join our team and write your own story! A person is not born successful. They become successful based on the information they allow to enter their minds. Success University allows you to become a success, become a leader and become part of a real team.

Lana Robinson – Team Momentum Article Author.

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