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After four years in business, Success University has enrolled approximately 100,000 students in 180 countries around the world to become one of the most dominant companies in the personal development industry generating millions of dollars annually.

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In today’s society, people can no longer depend on the security of the career job. Depending on the severance pay and the retirement plan of even the large companies are very shaky to say the least.

With The economy slipping in and out of recession and near the point of collapse, it’s nice to know you can plug into an ongoing and uplifting message and system that will help you withstand the forces of life. To be able to keep ahead of things both financially and emotionally.

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A few days ago, I was given the task to write an article about how being a member of Success University has helped me, and maybe even more specifically about what being on this particular team has done for me. It’s taken me a while to write this article simply because I didn’t know where to start! I have learned so much since being a member of Success University and this team that I seriously did not know where to begin. This article is my attempt to cover the highlights of being part of this amazing company.

Internet Marketing – I’ve paid thousands of dollars to learn what I’m learning through Success University. Of course, all members can join Success University by paying $2 (which is donated to charity) and gain access to the entire online training catalogue for a full 14 days with absolutely no further obligation for anything else. This is what I did in June of 2008. I joined the company and immediately went to see what was so hot about their training. Let me tell you that I was absolutely blown away. The very first course I took was by Shawn Casey and it was all about how to drive traffic to your website. Not how to drive traffic to your Success University site… how to drive traffic to ANY site promoting any products or services. I took this information and applied it to the business I had been trying to promote online for several years and saw results within 2 days.

Success Principals – I’ve spent days and days in the local library finding all the books I could get my hands on about how to be successful. I’ve paid for and listened to hours and hours of audio tapes and CDs on the subject. I’ve come to the conclusion that if you want to be successful, then you have to find someone that has acquired the amount of success that you want to have… and then do as they have done. Success University’s training catalogue is packed full of training by some of the most talked about experts in the field on how to be successful. Now, I don’t have to go to the library every Saturday afternoon and find a new book. All I have to do is check my mailbox – because I receive 4 to 5 different audios and DVDs each and every month courtesy of Success University!

Teamwork – As the saying goes… there’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’. That is exactly what I learned the very first time I attended one of our team’s weekly conference calls. There were hundreds of people on the web conference and most were asking questions. What impressed me was that the team’s leader actually answered all of their questions. There was no hesitation. Questions were asked and they were answered. So, I looked up the information for my upline and gave them a call as well. Guess what? I found that these people are some of the most caring people I’ve never met. Every time I have a question, it gets answered.

As I became more familiar with Success University, their compenstation plan, their commission schedule, and our team’s sales pages I was able to answer questions for my new team members very easily. And, if I couldn’t answer a question, then someone in my upline called the new member and answered their questions for me. I even had a member join, drop out and then re-join under our director and he was placed right back in my downline where he started. Our team leaders don’t ’steal’ signups. This team is really a team.

I could write a lot more about how Success University has been a blessing in my life. Or, you can join our team and write your own story! A person is not born successful. They become successful based on the information they allow to enter their minds. Success University allows you to become a success, become a leader and become part of a real team.

Lana Robinson – Team Momentum Article Author.

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Success University Business Opportunity

A Success University business opprotunity may be the best choice for any network marketer searching for a solid residual income.

Being a Success University business owner myself, I have the privilege of seeing and meeting new members all the time. During our discussions, I find that the one main topic that stands out is the ability to help others succeed through their own personal development. By teaching others to succeed, you help create another leader on your team and in turn keep building your business.

There are many benefits with a Success University business for both a newcomer to network marketing and for the professional network marketer as well.
Veteran network marketing professionals are turning to a Success University business as their main affiliate program. They are seeing the benefits of having their downline trained. The best part for the marketing professional is that they don’t have to do the training themselves. As a professional in the industry, your time is limited and you understand the value of training. With a Success University business, you can join a team and have your entire downline trained by a leader within our company, freeing up valuable time and helping create a solid downline within your organization.

Another benefit for the network marketing professional is all the personal development material that is available to them 24/7. Yes, even professionals in our industry are constantly continuing their education. Knowledge is a powerful tool both in life and business and in the competitive world of network marketing, your success is directly correlated to the knowledge you have and can offer to others.

If you are new to the network marketing industry or have been in it for a while and are searching for that perfect affiliate program to join, than a Success University business is your answer. The struggles most people have within the network marketing industry is the training needed to succeed. Usually, you join an affiliate program, are given a few tasks to do and then sent to the wolves to try and survive.

Success University’s amazing personal development courses will help train you in all areas of business and life and doesn’t leave a person alone to fend for themselves. With Success University Team Momentum, we have created a system that if followed exactly, failure is not an option. Weekly web-conferences offer live training to help each and every member in areas of needed improvement. Your upline is always available to assist you every step of the way.

Check out our exclusive team training

So what is it that you are looking for in an internet network marketing company?
1. Solid company.
2. Useful product
3. Team of professionals
4. Training
5. Access to educational materials
6. Residual income
7. Weekly paid bonuses

You got it, a Success University business offers it all.
Join Success University Today!

Mike Bulatovich – Team Momentum Contributing Writer/Asst. Manger
Kymmy Link – Team Momentum Website Manger/Team Leader

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Success University training through Team Momentum.

By now, if you haven’t heard of the incredible opportunities Success University has to offer, please review the company overview tab and then come back and read this. Today, I am going to discuss the power of teamwork and the incredible results Team Momentum is experiencing.

Every day we see teamwork in action, at work, at home and in sports. Teamwork helps everyone complete a task or reach a goal quicker and more efficiently. Sports is probably the most prominent area you see teamwork in action. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Rugby, and others, all rely on each other to reach one main goal, to score! Without organization, planning and a specific goal, can you imagine watching any of those events? With over 100,000 members, Success University training is not only important but recommended.

Exclusive Team Training
At home, everyone usually has a list of chores or things that need to get done. Now before all you Mom’s out there send me an email, I want you to know that I respect the fact that you are (for the majority) the one who holds down the house. These chores are outlined and assigned to family members to get done. Sometimes, those chores are done by more than one person. Working together to say cook dinner, wash a vehicle or clean up the house, makes completing that chore much easier. Success University training through Team Momentum works in a similar manner. We each contribute certain tasks to help the team as a whole reach its goals.

Meet Our Website Team
In business, teamwork can produce amazing results. By having a group of people, following the same system and all working towards a specific goal, the results are stunning. Your local grocery store is a great example of teamwork in action.

Everything starts at the top and is funneled down to different departments. Each department has a task that must be completed in order for the company to run properly. Everybody is working towards the same goal, to offer a product for sale that a consumer will ultimately purchase. Seems like a lot of work to achieve one result. Remember, you need to have a specific goal, a plan to get there and an organized team to make it work. Success University Team Momentum has assembled one of the best teams in the industry.

Success University training through Team Momentum has proven that using the teamwork philosophy, great results happen. Led by our Executive Director Jason Cardamone, we have assembled a massive team of highly motivated, goal orientated leaders. These leaders follow through the outlined plan to reach the specific goal. The goal, to drive as much traffic as possible to our site in order to educate people the benefits Success University and the life changing courses they offer. Oh, by the way, they also have an amazing opportunity to earn huge residual income.

Check Out The Residual Income Opportunity Success University Offers.

If you are a veteran network marketer, I’m sure you can appreciate what our team has to offer. As a novice to the industry or someone completely new to the business, the training you will receive will be second to none. Tackling the world of network marketing is not as easy as some say it is. Trying to do this on your own will result in failure 95% of the time. Make a wise choice and join a proven team that is dedicated to your success.

Join Success University Team Momentum Today!

Mike Bulatovich – Team Momentum Contributing Writer/Manager Asst.
Kymmy Link – Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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Success University Scam or Real?

The Success University story started in January 2004. Led by President and CEO Matt Morris, Success University was created to change the world through education and personal development.
On the internet today, you see slogans stating Success University Scam! People wonder if that is true?

So let me help you answer that question. Let’s describe what a scam is. As stated in Wikipedia, a scam is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining confidence. Does Success University practice this deception? Let’s look at the company and products they offer.

First, what is Success University? They are a network marketing company that offers its products via a network marketing/direct sales structure. Here lies the first misconception most people have. As soon as the term ‘network marketing’ is used, the first thought that comes to mind is “here’s another get rich quick scam”. Yes, I will agree that many network companies are based on false promises but you can’t stop at the front door. Once you enter, you will get a better picture of the business. Please refer to an article we published on February 13, 2009 titled “So, You Want to Get Into The Network Marketing Business?” This article will guide you through choosing the right network marketing business that fits your needs. Now ask yourself, is Success University scam or real?

Let’s keep looking further.
Second, what is the actual product of Success University? In a Success University forum, I read a statement that describes their product perfectly. Success University brings you the most advanced online courses on success over assembled. With some of the greatest minds in personal achievement like Les Brown, Robert Allen, Jay Abraham, Cynthia Kersey, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracey, Zig Ziglar and many many more, it’s no wonder that Success University online became the #1 most visited personal development company their first year. Now ask yourself, is Success University scam or real?

Let’s keep looking further.
Third, is there really Success University training? Not only is there training, but we offer top notch mentoring. Our team meets twice weekly via web conference to cover all areas of your Success University business. Our motto is, “Failure is NOT an option”. We take every members business serious. All we ask in return is that you are teachable and have the desire to change your life. Our team has helped thousands succeed and you can too. Ask yourself again, is Success University scam or real?

Lastly, is there Success University income potential? With Success University, they have put together a “Learn and Earn” program. Their incredible pay plan offers a monthly residual income along with two weekly bonus plans. In fact, there are top producers in our company that are making 6 figures a month! Please refer to residual income opportunity for a detailed explanation.

Surely you dont still have to ask… is Success University scam or real?

After this Success University review, you should have a clear image of the Success University opportunity hundreds of thousands of people are enjoying in over 180 countries every day. Whether you are looking to better your life through personal development, earn extra income part time from home or take massive action and create a huge residual income from the internet, Success University has the tools to help you achieve your dreams.
Don’t waste another minute of your life debating whether Success University is a scam – it’s definately not!. Take the next step and join today!

Mike Bulatovich – Team Momentum Contributing Writer/Assistant to Management
Kymmy Link – Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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Success UniversityGreater Income Through Education

I’m sure you know the correlation between education and greater income. Studies show that a person with a degree will earn twice as much as a person with only a high school diploma. So how can you increase your income without going to school and earning a degree? Very simply, educate yourself in your specific profession and make your knowledge valuable to others.

Personal Development Education
Let me explain what I am getting at here with a few simple examples. Think about McDonalds, how does an employee move from making French fries to running the cash register? They learn a new skill, advance to a new position and earn a greater income. How about your local auto mechanic, the more certifications he has, the more work he can perform on a vehicle which in turn will make him more money. Take network marketing. How is it that some people succeed while others don’t? They use the same system, get the same training, yet one person will excel while the other will quit. It’s all very simple, educate yourself and make your knowledge valuable to others.

Welcome to Success University
Webucation is a term classified in Forbes Magazine by the world’s most influential business guru Peter Drucker. In his interview, he stated that online education would be the next great wealth opportunity. In an $8 billion industry, Success University brings you the most advanced online courses ever assembled and became the #1 most visited personal development company on the internet today surpassing Donald Trump and Tony Robbins. Through education, Success University is determined to help people all over the world achieve greater success in life.

Residual Income Opportunity
Another amazing Success University opportunity is what they call “learn and earn”. Students have the ability to promote Success University to others and earn passive income. With 2 weekly pay plans and a monthly payout as well, Success University has also become a dominate force in the network marketing industry. How would you like to learn how you can retire in one year and earn a full time income from home?

Join Success University!
A Success University business is not only rewarding, but life changing as well. Imagine learning from the world’s greatest minds in all areas of personal development; financial management, real estate, sales, motivation, communication, health and fitness, network marketing, internet marketing and more. I invite you to review Success University and see all the benefits we have to offer.

No matter what your career choice may be, start educating yourself today and gain knowledge that is valuable to others. With Success University, YOU can gain a greater income through excellent success education!

Mike Bulatovich –Team Momentum Contributing Writer
Kymmy Link – Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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Success is a funny thing!
Those that enjoy success often don’t talk about it and those that do not are somehow authorities on how to achieve it….lol

This is the Real Deal on Success!

What ever you would like to know about Success, in any area, can be found at Success University! Here are a few things that you dont often get told about Success. This excerpt is from Brian Tracey – a Success University Faculty member and world renowned expert on all things to do with achieiving ultimate Success!

What Nobody Tells You About Success
By: Brian Tracy

Want to get that dream job or turn your passion into a business and become a highly successful entrepreneur? Want to be able to afford a dream home for you and your family?

I’ve been fortunate over the years and now live in sunny San Diego, not to far from the beautiful Pacific. In some people’s eyes I’ve made it. How can you realize your dreams and make them a reality?

I’d like to share the fastest way to get a job or make your business flourish, even in this economy.

The Truth — About Success
When I graduated from college, I thought I was smart. I’d aced most of my courses, and figured I could easily hit pay dirt in the business world. Then, harsh reality hit.

When I started in sales, I’d call and leave my name and my company name. Then I’d wait and wait and most of the time, I’d never get a call back. And if I did talk to someone, more often than not, I’d get the brush off.

It turned out that no matter how much I thought of myself, my company, and our services, no one cared and it was killing my career.

The Success Secret You Need To Know
If you want to succeed, you need to realize the following. As marketing expert Charlie Cook explained to me, “No one cares who you are until they know how you can help them.”

That simple idea changed my life.

Change your life too.

If you want to get people’s attention — in a few words tell them how you can help them — then they’ll want to talk with you.

Once people know how you can help them, they’ll be hungry to hear from you, eager to talk with you. Getting the conversation started is the most important step to being successful.

Without an easy way to get that initial conversation going, you’ll always be frustrated, no matter how smart or capable you are. That applies to everything from getting job interviews, getting a response to your cold calls, emails, web marketing, direct marketing, and any other way you reach out and try to stimulate a response.

What You Need
What’s the biggest mistake you can make if you want to be successful? Using a label. Telling people you’re looking for a job, or you want to be a lawyer, a trainer or sell solar panels. That’s what most people do, and it’s why they don’t ever make as much as they could.

Whether you’re looking for a job or looking for a sale, you need to do the same thing: give people a reason to talk with you. That’s what a good marketing message will do.

Which Path To Success Is Right For You
1. Use the same approach that everyone else is using. Stick with your name, the usual labels, etc. Do this, and your resume or your marketing will blend in with everyone else’s. You won’t stand a chance of ever getting noticed.

2. Assume that since you’re the smartest and best-qualified person for the job or that since you’ve been in business the longest, you’re a shoe-in and employers or prospects will instantly notice you and want to talk with you.

Sorry to tell you this, but WAKE UP! There are tons of smart people on the planet and tons of competitors. If you’re expecting others to recognize how brilliant you or your services are, you might as well give up looking for work right now.

3. Discover the proven system for getting attention and jump-starting your success by using personal development to excel every area of your life.

When you get it, you’ll find exactly how to get attention and get the conversation going, so you can land the job you want, the client you need, and ultimately, make more money.

With option three you’ll be using a time tested strategy for success. One that you can use to make ten times as much in half the time.

Make more money in a month than most people do in a year!

The Best Way to Achieve Your Dreams
If personal success is achieving your dreams, Success University’s system will help you get there.

Want to discover how much more successful you could be and how much more money you could be making?

You can put this proven money-making system to use within minutes, and start to increase your income while slashing your working hours.

Interested in going from dreams to reality? Take action now!

Well that was from an article by Brian Tracey!

I just love Brian Tracey’s no nonsense approach and dialogue!
When Matt Morris, the founder of Success University was adding Faculty members to the Board – it’s very plain to see why Brian Tracey made the cut!

The fact that Brian Tracey embraces his position at Success University is a first class testimony to the quality of personal development and Success education that is made available to Success University students.

You too can have access to Brian Tracey and many other world leaders, 24/7 at your comvenience!

Let us help you!
Team Momentum promotes superior support amongst the team and therefor we enjoy inevitable success! We pride ourselves on the way we help each other grow both our businesses and our own selves.

We have many proven ways to help people succeed and provide coaching, mentorship and personal attention to all members of our team – find out what we can do for you! – You’ll be amazed at the many ways in which we love to help!

Isn’t it about time you took your life to the next level?
Enjoy ultimate SuccessJoin Success University Now!

Kymmy Link – Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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Today I will give you my take on the Success University Affiliate Program and my Success University Review.

Success University is my top choice for a legitimate home based business. You can read about the company here but I wanted to just write a review and give a brief picture as to the affiliate program available within Success University.

Let me say straight off the bat though, that I love the self development aspect of Success University so much – that I would still be reviewing this online University even if there was no affiliate program associated with it!

I am very passionate about self development! They don’t teach you how to create inner and outer fortune at school, now do they? Well to answer that and give you an idea of my passion for the self development subject, it might interest you to know that the private college my children attend – DO now offer a course in personal fulfillment and wealth creation after my persistence and determination paid off, and an excellent and now mandatory course was implemented with my help and instigation!

OK….there’s my good deed for the decade……lol
Getting back to Success University………

Success University is as it sounds…….a University for Success!
Just like with any Online University, you are able to study your courses of choice in the comfort of your own home (or where ever you have access to a computer)

To give you an idea of what its all about, I would say that Success University is an intensive education in the principals of success! You enroll for Success University and are able to study many courses that are provided by world leaders in their individual area’s of expertise.

The courses available are regularly updated and feature world famous speakers such as Jim Rohn, Mike Filsaime, Byrd Baggett, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and the list goes on and on and on! (and ON!)

There are many topics covered in the educational courses available. Some topics are: personal development, internet marketing, finance, sales, real estate, communication, leadership, negotiation and plenty more too!

I have been very impressed with both the quality of speakers and content of the courses.

Ok, this is supposed to be a Success University Review, mind you I could preach the benefits of the actual learning center all day long!

After enrolling in Success University, you are presented with a powerful income opportunity that centers around you offering free education to others. Well that’s pretty easy! Who wouldn’t want to improve themselves with such quality learning and for Free?
As with any affiliate program – you make commissions by referring others to enroll in Success University.

The compensation plan is quite attractive but a bit beyond the scope of this review (read about the Success University Compensation Plan here!) – needless to say there are a heap of people making HUGE money from Success University!

You can check out the compensation plan whilst engaging in the 14 day trial or read about it from the tab or link above.

You are given many back office tools to help you promote the Success University opportunity. I primarily use this special offer to provide personal and educational business training and I also use the home page or Success University main page to attract attention. Both work very well.

You can also become a part of an Exclusive Team Momentum Training System which allows you to copy the top Success University Income achievers. You also have access to several banners like the one at the top of this page and lots of other promotional materials as well.

You are not tied to Success University in any way and if you don’t like it – don’t do it! (you can cancel at any time) but Im sure that if you explore both the education and income opportunity available, you will see its a no-brainer (as they say….lol)

Success University costs about $50 per month for your enrollment, but before you sign up for that you can do a $2 14 day trial (its really a Free trial with a $2 donation to the Feed the Children Fund)

For your $50 per month, you get several bonus products on signup including, but not limited to Jim Rohn’s Success Plan and a copy of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill, unlimited access to all the learning materials and courses and you also get a package in the mail each month that consists of DVD’s, audio CD’s and other bonus materials and also a Success University newsletter.

You also have available to you – many live training calls and seminars (that are also recorded if the time is unsuitable for you) a training bootcamp, a startup list of actions, lots of audio and video tutorials and workbooks to download, a quick response helpdesk – the list goes on….but just imagine the scope here!

Better still ……don’t imagine – sign up for the Free 14 day trial NOW!

Success University also makes my list of the best affiliate programs because the online market for self development courses is relatively new and near enough to ground floor opportunities are still available for those of us that are prepared to work at it.

Success University has enrolled over 100,000 people in its first 4 years! I believe that as time goes by, more and more people will realize that what they learnt at school doesn’t quite cut it in the real world of success – and therefor more and more people will be looking for further education. What better education than that of success education? and where better to do it than in your own time and place (online)

Success University is currently outdoing both Tony Robbins (one of my personal life hero’s) and Donald Trump in their efforts to promote self development! Now that sure is something dont you think?

I will finish up this post by encouraging you………..imploring you to take the free trial and see where you can go with this! It would cost you between $30,000 – $80,000 dollars to do an offline degree these days – but for only $50 a month you can gain a whole lot better education in your PJ’s with a cuppa! (that’s how I do my courses!……..not joking!)

Another good point to consider is that 95% of new online company’s are dead and gone within their first year, of the remaining 5% – 95% of those are gone in the second year!

Success University has surpassed all those hurdles by still exploding in it’s fourth year!

So, now you see why Success Universityand its self development and wealth creation opportunities makes my list of Best Affiliate Programs!

If you need any further information about Success University or the affiliate program, please contact us via the contact page.

Kymmy Link – Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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#1 Most Visited Personal Development Website in the World.

Success University has created the #1 personal growth and development website the world has seen. There are thousands of personal growth books and personal growth training classes out today. But how would you like to have access to hundreds of the world’s greatest minds in these area’s, at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Welcome to Success University!

Success University is a network marketing company in the personal growth business. With over 100,000 members from 180 countries, we are one of the fastest growing, global work at home programs on the internet today. We have created an amazing opportunity for people to “Learn and Earn”. This may be the best home based business opportunity in the past 50 years (or maybe ever).
Join Today!

With any business, education is vital. Success University gives you access to education in all areas of self development training; Real Estate, Financial Management, Sales, Leadership Development, Motivation, Network Marketing, Communication, Personal Development, Internet Marketing and much more. Every one of these incredible self development courses teaches you important steps in succeeding not only in business but in life as well.
Take our 14-Day Trial Now – Click Here!

Now that you know what tools we offer to “Learn”, let’s talk about how you “Earn”.
Success University offers an incredible pay plan. There are 3 main ways to get paid; a weekly fast-start bonus, a weekly dual team bonus and a monthly dual team bonus. You can get all the details during your 14-Day Trial. What’s even more incredible, we will start building YOUR downline during your trial period! How amazing is it when you can make residual income by just giving away free educational information to help people with their lives.
Now let me show you “How” we will help you put this all together.
Our team has put together a system that if duplicated will have you earning huge residual income from the internet. We have weekly team conferences that will teach you everything from business leadership development to self development to effective leadership skills. The fastest path to success is to learn to teach others how to become successful. Developing leadership skills is your key to success.

“You can have everything you want in life if you can just help enough others get want they want in life”. Zig Ziglar

Success University Team Momentum
Whether you’re looking for the world’s most advanced personal development programs or a home based business to earn residual income, Success University has it all.
I invite you to come on in, take a look and see how you can start to change your life today!

Mike Bulatovich – Team Momentum Contributing Writer
Kymmy Link – Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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