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Today – I’m feeling great!

Progress is coming along very nicely on our new Team Inspiration Site.

We have the video page up, so you can have a look at some video’s and the contact page has information available if you would like to talk to us!

Our Income Opportunity page explains how you can make money with success University and the Personal Development page showcases some of the awesome education that you can expect after enrolling with us.

As a matter of fact everything is great!

Most of the hard yards are done even though our site will be maintained on a daily basis, I feel like we have really seen some progress to date!

So much so, that tomorrow will see the start of our article publishing!
Our team will be writing about several topics but we are going to start off with some Online Business articles. After all, we all have one!

I will still write these journal entries on a bi-weekly basis, but from now on you can expect some meaty bites to sink your teeth into!

With that said – I’d like to invite you back to see what we have for you!
You wont be disappointed!
Kymmy :)

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Today I woke to an urgent email form my site co-ordinator, Chris Suckling!
It was entitled – “you gotta love technology“!

The email was to alert me to the fact that our new site was down!
I spent the next 2 hours frantically trying to work out what was wrong. Nothing I could see on the surface would explain all of the newly broken links!

What was going on?
Everything was fine when I went to bed!

I could see no problems – so I called the boss!
“Jason, have you been in the admin area or on the server?” He had not so I went into panic mode!
Jason tried to calm me down and then said “you gotta love technology” arrrggg! :(

I just wanted to fix it NOW!
I set off again, deactivating plugins left and right to see how they were affecting the site (you know what I mean if you use wordpress…lol) I went into the html of our theme and there it was!
Technology is great if you use it properly but one little thing wrong and you’re sunk!

It turned out to be a missing ‘ yeap! a tiny little ‘ had broken all my links!
As soon as I replaced that little ‘ all was good in the world again!

The tools we use to run our lives and our businesses have certainly come a long way and for me, have required a steep learning curve! Technology seems to move like the wind and sometimes I’m just not that fast….lol

Now its the end of the day and if you look around I have achieved a lot on the site today – I’m happy!
It is true though……you gotta love technology!

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Welcome back to my daily(ish) journal.

Now, I dont need Inspiration – I have plenty!

But I got some team inspiration anyway………read on,

Our group is tight knit and our success is due to the fact that we support and motivate each other and we all follow an exclusive team marketing and training system called SU CopyCat.

As part of our team training, we have bi-weekly web conferences to learn and explore new avenues and area’s and to propell ourselves forward in our own personal growth and in our businesses.  Yesterdays conference was a bit different though.

The main topic on  hand was our new project of course!

Everyone is so excited to be at the beginning of the  journey – where we will carve out a massive internet presence! 

We couldn’t help but to listen intently as the boss explained what is currently going on behind the scenes (namely the development of this website)

I was nervous!  What would everyone think?

Chris and I have put so much work into getting this site up and running and now it was time to unveil our work to the rest of our team.  So, Jason continued on with the background and purpose of the project and then ran a visual presentation to showcase our new site.

It looked great!  even if I do say so myself….lol.  I was Inspired!

Jason navigated through the site and showed it off to the entire team – I was so happy that my team mates thought it was great, I gave myself a little pat on the back :)   Afterall, this is to be our teams new home!  I really wanted everyone to love it as much as I do!

Well – they do!  Awesome!

People were commenting that they felt inspiration and motivation and that they could feel the momentum building!  I was feeling pretty good I must say!  To think that we had created some team inspiration was a great feeling! I felt proud! :)

I had been talking to Jason Cardamone earlier in the week about the benefits of re-branding our team to coincide with our new team site.  He obviously took my thoughts on board because the next thing I knew, the conference had gone into ‘poll’ mode.  In true team spirit, Jason had decided to ask the team about re-branding idea’s, we took a vote and…….. “Team Inspiration” was born!

So, to finish off today – I’d like to let you all know that not only do we have a new home, we also have a new name!

I would like to Welcome you to the new home of Success University’s ”Team Inspiration“.

Talk to you again soon – Kymmy

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Teamwork got me through the day! Phew!
I feel priviledged to be a part of “Team Momentum” for several reasons, but today, our awesome support of each other and global reach of one another really came into play! here’s why……..

The journey – the road we are travelling in creating our new website hit a few speed humps and didn’t exactly go to plan today.

What do you do when you are overwhelmed with work?
You need help fast? you run into technical difficulties that are beyond the scope of your abilities? and
you’re so excited about your new team project that you have set yourself unreasonable targets?

What do you do? – Join our Team Now!

Well, I had to ask myself all those questions and more today!
You see – I’m pumped! I’m very excited! as a matter of fact I’m off the rictor scale when it comes to enthusiam and energy for “Team Momentum’s” latest project, but today did not start well!

Anyone who has had a go at developing websites knows there is alot of work involved – I know it – I’ve done it a few times. I thought I would be fine as I have experience and knew what was needed!
I know how to run cpanel and webepanel and a couple of other operating platforms as well.

Today – I met Plesk……oh boy!
“This couldn’t be too hard”, I said and set off about my tasks.
As I looked at the time, three hours had past and I was getting no where fast!
Worse than that, the other jobs on my to-do list were now well behind schedule and becoming out of reach.

I know what to do, I thought – call in my team!
Teamwork will get me through!
Techical problems? no worries call in Jason from the USA. Work piling up? lucky I have Chris on hand in the UK. A skype call or 3 later and my problems were solved! Jason Cardamone, our team’s Executive Director, also happens to be a computer engineer and Chris Suckling, our site co-ordinator and Counselor with Success University is an old hand in management and administration and was ready, willing and able to lighten my load!

How lucky am I to be part of such a wonderful team? Extremely lucky!
For a group of people to come together from around the world and help each other to achieve a common goal is an awesome testment to the power of teamwork!

Check out our Team Here!

Do you have support? Are you part of a team?
If you are, take advantage of the many skills that will surely abound from your team mates.
If you are not – join a team! Join our Team Now!

Needless to say……..the day ended well! I have past the issues and our team has come together to achieve our common goals. The project is back on track and I am very excited to be able to present our new site to the entire team during our bi-weekly team conference tomorrow!

Team Momentum’s massive success is born from our commitment to each other and the massive action we take as a team! Our teamwork rules!

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Ever wanted in on the ground floor of something huge?
Of course you have – we all have.

Success University is the #1 most visited Personal Development and Success Education authority on the internet today!

A multi million dollar company that has surpassed all others in the Self Development field, our mission is to change the world – one person at a time!

This is great! If you are here, reading this inaugural post on the Success University ”Team Momentum” website – you’ve done it!
This is the ground floor!

The true ground floor   :)

Let me tell you why……….
This is the latest project from “Team Momentum” and we are at the beginning…….the beginning of a massive internet awareness strategy, educational and marketing project that will become recognizable throughout the world in a very short time.

If you look around right now – you will see we have just begun, just today in fact, by setting up our site and downloading our professional new theme.

With a full arsenal of skilled team members that are dedicated to each others success and advancement – you will be able to watch massive action being taken daily and the production of an informative and spectacular site, right before your very eyes!

Be sure to visit regularly and be blown away by what a real team effort can achieve!
We will be adding many articles and video’s on varied topics for your information and education.

The inspiration for this new project has come from our team leader, Jason Cardamone, who has achieved the highly sort after ranking of Executive Director with Success University, in a very short period of time.

My name is Kymmy Link.
I am the “Team Momentum’s” website developer and team leader and I wish you a warm welcome to our new home!

I am joined by Chris Suckling, our site Co-Ordinator.
Several members of Success University’s “Team Momentum” will be contributing in many area’s to bring you the best of the best, when it comes to websites that you feel compelled to return to regularly!

I will introduce you to everyone personally as we continue to grow the site – but for now……..
Get Ready – Get Excited – We are going to take over the internet!
Why dont you join us?

Look out world – here come’s Success University’s A Team – Team Momentum…….

I’ll talk to you tomorrow!
Kymmy Link.
Counselor with Success University
(Team Momentum) :)

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