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Success University – Creating Residual Income Online

Online money making opportunities are all over the internet. People from all over the world are searching for that perfect internet income opportunity and a way to make money from home. With the right company and product, earning residual income online is attainable by any individual at all skill levels. Whether you are looking to make an extra couple hundred dollars or several thousand dollars per month, the internet is the fastest way to your goal.

Residual Income Opportunity
Most people start out by looking for a part time internet income opportunity they can do from home in their spare time. Their goal is to make some extra money every month to either help pay off some debt or purchase things they normally couldn’t afford. While others are looking to earn internet income full time. In fact, there are thousands of people today that make money from home, who earn five and six figure incomes monthly, exclusively from internet network marketing! Depending on your skill level, you can start making residual income almost immediately via the internet. So where do you turn to not only make money on the internet but increase your skill level to reach your goals quickly?

Welcome to Success University
Success University is a network marketing company that offers personal development education. By combining the two, Success University has put together one of the most generous pay plans offered to network markets. In addition to the monthly residual income, there are also two weekly pay bonuses available. With Success University leading the way in the online personal development business, internet marketers of all levels are joining forces with Success University and promoting their product around the world. So when you ask yourself how to make money from home, think of Success University and the benefits you receive by simply offering personal development education to others.

Residual Income Through Personal Development
Personal development is an $8 billion a year industry. From business issues to life issues, people are always looking for improvement, especially now during these difficult economic times. Education is your key to success. According to Forbes Magazine, internet education or ‘webucation’, is the “Next Great Wealth Opportunity”. As the #1 most visited personal development company on the internet, there is no better way to offer a product to the world and earn a residual income than through Success University.

Join Success University Today!

So if you’re an internet network marketing professional looking for a better opportunity or a newcomer to the industry, Success University has the product, solid company backing, training and support you are looking for to help reach your goals and start making residual income from the internet today!

Mike Bulatovich – Team Momentum Contributing Writer
Kymmy Link – Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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Autoresponders: Turning Visitors into Customers

Here is another Team Momentum members’ take on autoresponders!

If you plan to successfully promote anything online, it’s a definite advantage to obtain the name and email address of your website visitors. How can you monetize a prospect if they do not know who you are? If they lack a way to communicate with you or if you do not have a way to get them back to your website, you are losing many sales! Email marketing using an autoresponder is one of the most powerful strategies for an internet business owner to talk to visitors, customers and prospects, for creating interest and ultimately making a sale.

So what exactly is an autoresponder supposed to do and how does it work? Visualize an automated salesperson that never gets sick or has a bad day, treats all customers with sincere respect and appreciation and never gets down when they say, “no.” It is a follow up system that accepts email leads from a sales page, landing page or squeeze page and continually follows up with them until the person chooses to opt-out or the membership period for the email newsletter or mini course expires.

There are two absolute, without a doubt must-haves from any autoresponder service – email deliverability and the option to control double opt-in or single opt-in. Deliverability is the most crucial goal. Your customers must get the message in order to read it or download the purchased content. Commercial autoreponders work closely with ISPs to ensure the highest delivery rates and you must demand this from your autoresponder service. Determining double opt-in versus single opt-in is another absolute must-have. Double opt-ins provides insurance against false spam complaints, and are more likely to read your emails and make purchases. However, when you are just starting out and want to build a list quickly, and you have confidence that your landing pages or squeeze pages will attract only highly-targeted leads to enter their information, then a single opt-in is the best choice.

Selecting an autoresponder service requires investigating the cost, payment options and available features. Aweber and GetResponse, the two most highly regarded commercial email marketing services include the ability to create multiple email campaigns, email newsletters and mini courses that automate follow up at predetermined levels and are highly customizable with personalization features, email link tracking, email web analytics, ad tracking, conversion tracking and split testing.

Aweber and GetResponse cost under $20 per month and offer flexible payment options. The setup process is completely automated and customer support offers a knowledge base and video training tutorials to assist you in every aspect of managing your email campaigns.

Obviously, an autoresponder is an absolute necessity for anyone marketing products or services on the Internet. With all the available features, don’t fail to overlook the most critical component of the autoresponder – the content of the email communications themselves. Writing copy does not require you to be an expert writer, but it does require you to be creative and to use the power of the written word to invoke a response from your subscribers.

Let’s discuss a few tips for email copywriting so that you produce messages that your subscribers want to read, yearn to read, and never feel that they can come too often:

1. Ask a question in the subject line. Questions are a part of everyday emails between friends and colleagues. They are a natural way to initiate a conversation as long as they are straightforward and not suspicious.

2. Use hyperlinks at the top, middle and bottom. Many click-thru responses will come from hyperlinks positioned at the top, middle and bottom of your email message – in this order. So don’t do what many marketers do which is to forget the middle hyperlink.

3. Write a letter, not an ad, and don’t be afraid to be wordy. If your emails sound more like a sales letter than a personal message, go back and change them immediately. Emails perceived to be ads are more likely to be deleted unopened than one that appears to be a personal message – even if the personal message is obviously promotional.

List building and customer relationship management using an autoresponder makes it possible for business owners and network marketers to provide a personal level of service to a massive audience. This flexibility combined with analytical tracking and reporting, and low cost make the decision to incorporate sequential autoresponders into your information marketing blueprint.

Chris Grillo – Team Momentum Contributing Writer
Kymmy Link – Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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3 Easy Steps to Writing A Free Report

In my last article I discussed ways to build your list. One of the best ways is by writing a free report and giving it away in exchange for a person’s contact details.

If you’ve been paying attention to the gurus, you should realize the importance of providing your own free report in exchange for the name and email address of your prospects. Do you think that these gurus woke up one day, slapped up a website and became a millionaire 3 days later? Nope. It takes time, perseverance and a little bit of creativity to position yourself as a leader.

Providing free software, ebooks or a report can do wonders for you and your business. Not only does writing a free report establish you as an expert, it also has the ability to give you additional advertising as the report is shared among friends and acquaintances. This is just one of the many advantages of viral advertising.

Even if you are so broke that you cannot pay attention (lol), you can write your own articles or reports. Even if you think you cannot write anything worth reading… think again! Believe me, if I can do it you can too! Listed below are the 3 easy steps to follow so you can offer a free report of your own to your prospects.

1. Give your free report a catchy title that‘s easy to remember. If you are marketing beauty products, your free report could have the title of “7 Ways to Erase Wrinkles Without Breaking the Bank”. If you are marketing a travel opportunity, your free report could be titled “8 Reasons You Aren’t Getting the Best Travel Deals Available”.

2. The next step is to actually write your free report. The first paragraph should tell your reader a little bit about yourself. Include your name, your background and the struggles you’ve encountered along your path to whatever you are marketing (erasing wrinkles, paying too much for travel, paying too much for domain names, etc.) Give your reader a story that is both factual and interesting. This should be no more than 5 pages, and as little as just 1 page. Only you know yourself, and you must sell yourself in your story.

3. Introduce your reader to what you have found during your research in finding the best beauty products, or the best travel rates or the best phone plan. Whatever you are marketing should give you benefits other than money – tell your reader how these products or services have benefited you. Chances are, your prospect will be able to relate to your story and will feel an instant connection to you and they will continue reading. Make sure you provide a link to your website so that the reader can get more information when they are ready.

Free reports can be anywhere from 3 pages to 30 pages. If it’s too long, you may lose the attention of your reader. Too short, and it won’t provide enough information. The important thing is to get started, get finished and then give it away. You can always go back later and revise it and then let your current subscribers know that it has been updated and provide them with a new copy. This lets your reader know that you care about them and that you still have something of value to offer.

You cannot underestimate the value and power of writing a free report and then giving it away!
Start building a huge list! Get going on your report straight away :)

Lana Robinson Team Momentum Article Author
Kymmy Link – Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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4 Easy Steps To Build Your Own List

Today I would like to talk about ways to build your own list.

Any successful Internet Network Marketer will tell you that you absolutely must have your own list. Not only does having a list of contacts give you an advantage over 95% of network marketers, but it also gives you the ability to have potential customers for life.

Many people just starting out in Internet Network Marketing really miss the boat on this. That is why this article will explain the 4 easy steps to complete in order to build your own list and have customers for life.

1. Don’t only promote your company’s replicated website! Every single distributor for your network marketing company has the same website, with the exception of a few personalization features. If by chance a prospect finds your website, yours will look the same as everyone else’s site out there on the world wide web, and most don’t have a way to capture the name and email address of your visitor. You need to create a capture page, sometimes also referred to as a Squeeze Page. In doing this, you will immediately be viewed as a leader and you will also be able to capture the name, email address and phone number of your prospect for future follow-up. If you don’t capture the name and email of your prospect, and add them to your list, they aren’t customers for life…. they are gone for life.

2. You must have an auto responder service. Many auto responder services are available. Auto responder services basically store your prospect’s information on a ‘list name’ unique only to you. You can then write compelling email messages that will be sent to your prospect as soon as they enter their information and click the ‘Submit’ button. Some auto responder services are free while others charge a yearly or monthly fee.

3. Offer your prospect something worthwhile for giving you their name, email address or phone number. Yes, this is a shameless bribe! However, prospects are more likely to enter their personal contact information if they think there is something of value in it for them. Consider giving away a free report that you’ve written. Maybe you are marketing health and wellness supplements. You can read your company’s literature and come up with a free report on why it’s important to have a balanced vitamin and mineral intake daily. Giving away something for free is one of the best ways to build your own list.

4. There are a lot of list builder sites that allow you to mail to other members of the list. Some of these list builders have over 30,000 subscribers. Join 5 or more of these list builder sites; advertise your capture page and viola…they enter their information on your capture page to get their ‘free report’ or whatever bribe you give them and now they are on your list and you can use your auto responder to follow-up with them from that point forward.

The most important thing to remember when you want to build your own list is to be sincere and offer something of value to the prospects that gave you their very personal information. They will send you emails asking questions or they will call you if you provide your phone number. Do not ignore them! Answer their questions and offer to call them if they are open to learning more. Build a relationship with your prospects, and you will have customers for life.

So, now you know you need to build your own list – Great! The next thing you need to know is how to format your autoresponder series to take best advantage of the list you are planning to build.

My next article will be about how to format your autoresponder series, but until then, think about lifetime customers and building your list!

Lana Robinson – Team Momentum Article Author
Kymmy Link – Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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How Do I Automate My Online Business?

It’s fairly easy to organize an automatic system in your Internet business venture. Today we will talk about the magic of Autoresponder’s – Saving Time, and Increasing Efficiency.

Having an online business is one thing, but having one that is efficient, and working for you to produce a profit is an entirely different matter.

Running an internet marketing business well, is made up of numerous components, and one major cog in this wheel of success is your autoresponder system.

To explain this in more detail, consider the following: Have you ever bought something, and then never heard anything further from the retailer, or online business? When you think about this, it is a simple case of leaving money on the table.

You were in the shop, you spent your money, and you then left. This is what is known as letting an existing customer walk away, and it is a lot more expensive to find new customers, than to service existing ones.

Another scenario is that you are browsing online, and see something you might be interested in, but you are not yet ready to buy.
If you are busy, and forget, you will not be able to easily find the online store again.

The two examples above are common, daily occurrences, and in both cases, these serious errors, on the part of the business owner could have been prevented. In the case of the shop owner, he could ask for your name and email address, in exchange for a future discount, or something of that nature, to encourage you to give your contact details. This then provides the owner with an additional name on their contact list for future promotions.

In the case of online websites, it is a common fact that some people will only buy statistically after the seventh contact is made.
Taking this to another level, you can pre-write all your emails at your leisure, and include interesting facts about your company, and more importantly, the way you will benefit your customer.

The key is – benefit to the customer, and having an autoresponder to automatically email them every few days, with your prewritten message is highly efficient, as well as more likely to produce a long term client for you.

Good autoresponders will also allow a client to unsubscribe, if they choose, but the important point in this article is to realise that we need to capture the name and email address of as many people as possible, who come by our website.

We may need to provide an incentive for them, and this can be in the form of a useful report, that is relevant to the client, and similar in nature to the products you provide.

This way, you are ‘reminding’ your client that you exist, and hopefully, providing valuable information for them to be interested in reading your emails.

Further, they are more likely to form a trust in you as you regularly provide them with information, and this has been found to be a very important part of the marketing of an online business.
How are you stacking up in your business and marketing efforts?

I’m sure you have these two sayings…..”It’s all in the followup” and…..”The money is in the list”. With an autoresponder to cut your workload and automate the process of follow up, your online business will be making more money online in no time!

Martin Cohn – Team Momentum
Chris Suckling – Team Momentum Website Co-Ordinator

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The Two Different Types Of Home Based Business Prospects

There are millions of people in the world. Some of these millions of people want to start a internet business from home, while others do not. I am sure that you have heard the expression “Some Do, Some Don’t, So What?, Next”. There is actually more to it than that. You must first ask yourself “Why?”.

Start Your Online Business Here!

There are basically two different types of prospects for your home based business. There are people that already know what network marketing is, and there are others that don’t have a clue about what network marketing is. So, when speaking with your prospect, you must first place them in one of two categories.

In this article, we will assume that you have a prospect that wants to start making money online, but they don’t know what network marketing is. Most people that fill out the surveys online about how to work from home aren’t really that educated on their different options.

I cannot tell you how many people I’ve talked to, that want to work from home, and are looking for online typing jobs; however, most prospects don’t know what network marketing is and when I explain it to them, they have another option to think about.

Here’s a Fantastic Option for You to Consider!

Network Marketing is the movement of products and/or services from a company to the consumer through distributors. Network Marketing companies are able to provide a higher quality product and/or service because they can focus their attention on product development instead of advertising. Without distributors, the network marketing company would have to focus more of their attention on advertising; thus possibly producing a product and/or service of lesser quality. Network Marketing is also referred to as MLM, for Multi-Level Marketing.

In order to be successful, these MLM companies must provide a product and/or service that will benefit the consumer. You as a distributor are also a consumer. How can you relate this to your prospect?

Ask them to think about how much they currently pay per month for XYZ product and/or service. Then, ask if they would be interested in saving 123 dollars per month using a higher quality product and/or service? If their answer is “No”, you must ask them why. If someone is interested in starting a home based business, they must be willing to become a product of the product.

Become a Product of this Product and Succeed Now!

Show them how joining your online income opportunity will benefit them through the use of the products and/or services that you have to offer them, and also through the team building system you have in place for them.

There are also people that already know what Network Marketing is. These are great prospects for your home based business; however, they may also have been involved in several different companies over a period of time and they may be very skeptical because none of those income opportunities worked for them in the past.

When your prospect sees that you have a system in place for them to either 1) advertise their home business online or 2) advertise their business offline and be successful, you have suddenly given your prospect a value added service. The more value you can bring to your prospect, the more valuable you will become to them.

We all know that your personal growth directly influences your income. What does this mean, exactly? Well, the more you know about your company, your products and/or services and how to grow a team, directly influences the amount of wealth you will create in your home based business in any network marketing company.

Lana Robinson – Team Momentum Article Author
Kymmy Link – Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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How To Build A Profitable Home Based Business

Search the Internet for how to build a profitable home based business, and the search engine will return literally millions of different sites on the subject. Visit each site and you will most likely receive different methods and strategies on how to build your home based business, either offline or online. There are only two ways to build your business; either you pretend to know how to do it or you actually KNOW how to do it.

The first thing you must remember is, you must know about your business and things related to your venture in order to be profitable. In doing this, you are valuable to your prospects. Your prospects can vary in number from 5 to 10,000 or more depending on how you market your home based business.

The most important thing you must realize from the first day you begin your new business opportunity, is that while you may be representing a specific company and their products and/or services, your prospect will not join the company; they will join YOU.

We’d Love You to Join Us! – Click Here.

You must bring value to your prospect and have a business building system in place that is easy to follow and that produces results.

Let’s get back to the idea that people follow people…. not a company. Think about this for a minute. Let’s say that you just joined a health and wellness company that markets vitamins and health juice that have been proven to be beneficial to anyone who consumes the products.

You realize the importance of this because you want to live a longer, more healthy lifestyle. Just because you realize that does not mean that your prospect will realize the same thing. Your prospect could have just received 3 different calls from other health and wellness company distributors and the compensation plans are almost identical and the products are very comparable. The question you must now answer is this: how can joining your company on YOUR team benefit them?

What if you just started in your business opportunity last week? The same principle applies. Before calling a prospect or speaking with someone in your “warm market”, you must learn about your company, the company’s products and/or services and your team’s business building techniques.

Don’t tell the prospect that you are brand new and don’t know the answer but if they join your team you can both learn together and make a lot of money!

On the other hand, it is acceptable to let them know that you’ve just joined the company and then explain to them why you joined. Is it because of the compensation plan? Nope. Is it because your best friend is doing it and you figured you would do it too? Nope.

Is it because the team you’ve joined has a system in place to build a profitable home based business and you can teach your prospect to do exactly what you are doing? Yes!

Team Momentum has an exclusive marketing system that does just that! We call it “Exclusive Team Training”

There is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’ and in this business, support is almost everything! Why would you go it alone when you can be taken by the hand, by people that are already where you want to be?

We will hold your hand all the way to the top!

A main success factor in building a profitable home based business is support and leveraging other people skills and knowledge.

Join Team Momentum and let us lead you to Success!

Lana Robinson
Team Momentum Article Author

Kymmy Link
Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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Have you been looking for an Online Business?
If you have been searching for ways to make money online, there are many things to take into account.
Here are some life experiences you will want to consider.

Each year, thousands of people start up or join an online business, and each year thousands of people realize that it’s not as easy as it looks. With all the skills needed for a web site and development, time needed to build a list of customers and learning how to market your new business, you’ll need to acquire personal development skills equivalent to a Masters degree.

Prior to investing a lot of time and effort into the home business you expect to fulfil your desire; you’ll want to take a deeper look into what type of online business suits you and your lifestyle best. Do you truly want to spend the rest of your life, promoting and sharing with others?

Start your Journey to Success, Click Here!

What is it you really want to accomplish?
What will truly make a difference in your life, your family’s life and the lives of others you know and work your opportunity with?
A business you will be proud to share with others is the answer!

When considering an education like the one you will obtain in the pursuit of creating, joining and building your home business, you’ll want to find an opportunity that will fit your wants, needs and desires. You’ll want to find one that will be in alignment with your values and beliefs.

Realize that the opportunity you join will lead you on long learning curve. When you become successful, the personal development education you have gained will leave you with the equivalent of a PhD degree in Success! So, what type of self-taught PhD do you want to acquire? Is a physical product of some kind what you’re wanting? Does a service oriented business suit your needs? The choice is yours.

Whatever you decide, you will want to make sure it is something you will enjoy! That way you’ll still have fun with it, even when you’ve retired from your regular job, and have the ability to work your online business full time.

In addition to the type of products or services your business offers, you’ll want to know if it has a compensation plan that rewards you for your effort. Will it allow you to receive payments for all of the sales you create? Or do you need to recruit a large number of people with a minimum amount of sales, prior to receiving any compensation for your time invested? Does it have the ability to create a residual income?

Find the most Explosive Success University Team – right here!

What about the people on your team? Are they going to train you? Or are they more concerned with making the sale and signing you up, only to let you fend for yourself once you are involved? It is a good idea to find out early on what type of support and training you’ll receive prior to joining the network marketing opportunity. Some will help you out until you join, then leave you to fend for yourself. Others will truly want you to succeed and invest their time and effort in assisting you.

Find a network marketing business with a great support team. With a leader who has reached the success you want to achieve. If the people you are talking with cannot put you in contact with someone up line from them, who have already achieved some level of success, then you may not have found the team support, or the organization you are able to succeed with. Ask yourself; are these people truly interested in helping me to succeed in my home business?

You should be able to get better training and support from your up-line than you get at an accredited university.

If you have been looking for an online business but are wary because there are so many scams out there, and, you agree that having all of the above attributes in one single company would be extremely rewarding – may I suggest Success University as a complete solution?

Here at Success University, we spend our time helping you to become successful in all areas of life, through our personal development products and online education. We provide a top notch support team with proven success, and a residual income track record that is online and global. We focus on helping you to reach your goals and dreams, whatever they may be.

See our Corporate Website Here!

As far as a home business and opportunities to make money online go, Success University has proven itself as one of the leading online business options available today!

We look forward to helping you to succeed in YOUR Success University business.

To Your Life Success

Ruby E. Garson – Team Momentum.
Chris Suckling – Team Momentum Website Co-Ordinator

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5 Different Ways To Make An Online Income

Although there is no way you can “get rich quick” online, there are many programs available that will allow you to make a steady residual income over time. As your income increases, you are then able to use alternative advertising sources to get more people interested in your home based business. Listed below are 5 different methods you can use to make an online income.

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1. Write an eBook on a subject you know very well. Doing this will establish you as a leader in your chosen field, whether it be selling cosmetics, health & wellness products, travel, network marketing consulting, or list building techniques. There are many free and paid websites available that will allow you to upload your eBook for other people to download. Ensure your eBook has good, quality content and includes links to your website.

2. Join an affiliate program and market their products. Affiliate Marketing is basically where someone else has written an eBook, or developed a software program, that helps other people accomplish anything from dog training to making money online. You can earn anywhere from 35% to 70% of the actual sales amount depending on the product you choose to market. When you market affiliate products to a target audience, you can definitely make money online each and every day.

3. Get your own domain name, regardless of what you are marketing online. Not only does it look more professional for your home business, but it also allows you to control the content on the page. When choosing a domain name, try to choose one that is easy to remember and easy to spell.

4. Empty out your garage, attic and closets and sell those items on eBay or TripleClicks. Most everybody knows about eBay. Many people still don’t know about TripleClicks, as it is fairly new and is taking the online auction market by storm. As with eBay, TripleClicks makes it quick, simple, and easy to sell the stuff you no longer need for cash or trade. You can list dozens or even hundreds of miscellaneous items and start putting cash in your pocket today.

5. Join a network marketing or MLM company, that provides products or services that interest you. If you absolutely hate to travel, then starting a travel business may not be for you. However, if you are the type of person that loves personal development, then starting a network marketing business with a global success team may be right up your alley. There are literally hundreds of different network marketing companies you can join that provide kitchen and cooking supplies, cosmetics, health and wellness supplements, travel, environmentally safe household cleaning supplies, you name it.

However, before you try making an online income by joining any network marketing company, make sure you research not only the company but also the team that you will be joining. You don’t want to join a network marketing company and then be left all alone to figure out how to build your business.

Join Team Momentum here and get the best support available!

Using the tips above, you can start a home based business and start making money online in just a few days. The important thing to take with you after reading this article is that there is not a way to “get rich quick” online. Building a business from home should be treated just like any other brick and mortar business. If you treat your home based business like a real business, you will be making an online income for years to come.

Lana Robinson
Team Momentum Article Writer

Kymmy Link
Team Momentum Website Manager/Team Leader

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So, you want to get into the network marketing business?

You may have read a few books or seen several ads on the internet stating something like “home based business”, “make thousands daily on autopilot”. Well my friend I am here to help steer you in the right direction.

There are a few rules you should follow before joining any network marketing company. Don’t get caught up in all the hype. Many people out there only care about taking your money. Their main goal is to lure you in with some outrageous tale of a pot of gold waiting for you if you join their networking marketing company TODAY.

Follow these 5 simple rules and I assure you that your decision process will be much easier.

Rule #1 – Make sure the company you are planning to join has a successful track record, a proven system and a generous compensation plan that has been successful for years.

I can’t stress rule #1 enough. Any network marketing company that states that they have the best home based business system on the planet, must be able to prove it. Time happens to be the best proof there is.

Here is some food for thought. Figures show that 97% of all new network marketing companies fail within the first year. That is an amazing number. What’s even more amazing is that those same figures show that 99% of all new network marketing companies fail within their first three years. You see, a true home based business that has a solid track record will stand the test of time. They will have a system that works and compensation package that is generous.

This Company is breaking all records, and the pays great too!

Rule #2 – The company must offers a business opportunity you can succeed with, believe in and be confident in sharing with others.

Here is where we start to concentrate on something very important, YOU. Any business worked from home, that catches your eye must be one that YOU can succeed with. If their system does not work for you, don’t join. It will be almost impossible for you to commit to any marketing company that you don’t believe in or are embarrassed to share with family or friends. Be honest with yourself.

Rule #3 – The company should have ongoing, long term educational programs to not only develop you financially but personally as well.

Think of rule #3 this way – Most people that have started their own business have either done one of two things; gone to school and got their degree in business management or worked in a particular trade for a while and then decided to go out and join the world of the self employed.
Now stop and think about what it takes to own your own business. I’m sure you can come up with a list that’s at least 3 pages long. It’s not an easy task and it doesn’t happen overnight. Not only will you have to learn to deal with customers but you will also need to learn how to manage and promote your new business, deal with all the internal issues (taxes, laws, organizational aspects, etc) and keep it operating year after year profitably.

Why do you think franchises are so popular? A franchise already has a proven system and continuous education programs to make sure you succeed. So when deciding on a home based business, be sure that the network marketing company you are considering has ongoing, long term educational programs.

Rule #4 – The company must have a strong mentor to turn to.

You want to learn from real leaders, not people reading from a script that don’t even work the business themselves. True leaders work their business and want you to succeed because your success is their success as well.
If you join a mlm company that offers no support or one that doesn’t give you access to a proven leader that is really succeeding in the business then, stay away.

Sensational Support and Inevitable Success start here – Click Me!

How is anyone going to learn how to succeed with that type of home based business? If you were to go to school, you would learn from a teacher that has the skills to teach you. If you go to work for a typical brick and mortar company, they have supervisors or managers that will teach you how to do your job. These people will constantly be there to support you any time you need help. You are learning from real leaders. If the business you are looking into doesn’t offer you true support from a real person that is actually succeeding, stay away.

Rule #5 – The company must have people you respect and enjoy being with.

This rule may seem simple at first glance but think about it for a minute. How many jobs have you had throughout the years that when you started you thought it would be a great job? You met the team and thought, they seem nice – this will be great? A lot of times, everything is great from the outside but once you get in, everything changes.
Your co-workers are un-happy and hate working there or complain throughout the day. Your supposed leader/supervisor/manager is a real pain and doesn’t want to spend the time to teach you. They have the attitude that you should have learned ‘that’ during your training.

I can go on and on with examples here but I think you get the point. Be sure you respect the people in the network marketing company you plan to join, and be sure that they truly believe in what they do and if you are motivated, you will enjoy being associated with them.

If the mlm or home based business you are considering can pass these five criteria, then take a deeper look at the product.

These 5 basic rules will give you a good foundation for choosing the right home based business opportunity for you. When you think you found one you like, go over these rules one at a time and if that network marketing business can pass the tests, you may have found the right home based business for you.

I would like to thank a person that I consider a mentor. His name is Robert Kiyosaki, the bestselling author of the many “Rich Dad” series of books. You see, he was the one that taught me these 5 basic rules. I followed these rules myself when I chose my network marketing home based business. You see, in order to succeed in life, YOU need to learn from real leaders who have been successful themselves. You need to learn from people YOU respect and want to help you succeed. I can’t express the gratitude I have for Mr. Kiyosaki for helping people like me, travel in the right direction to succeed in life. He doesn’t tell you what to do, he teaches you what to do.

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